1. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a gulp

    like a boss

    1. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      great haul
    2. ReelFishnTx 0
      That's when u know u had a great day of fishing! @RandyMcGhee
    3. Randy McGhee 0
      @ReelFishnTx Thanks. I had to give up my arms were tired one after another.
    4. ReelFishnTx 0
      Awesome stringer! @RandyMcGhee
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  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a gulp

    If it was two more inches of had an inshore slam keeper stringer

    1. ReelFishnTx 0
      Nice! @RandyMcGhee
  3. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a gulp

    I caught 8 trout 6 flounder and one red out of the Kayak. Trout was a quick retrive. Flounder and red bump the bottom and wait. These are the keepers

  4. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Chartreuse 4" swimming mullet..gulp

    lol smallest flounder to date on rod, 5"

  5. Hey guys I'm looking to go duck Hunting with some new people hit me up 8324727016 I'm in Houston area.

  6. Details: Gulf Flounder with a evoo

    Evoo Tonys lemon pepper and purple onions fresh meal, I think so!

    1. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Awesome profile man!
    2. Richard Shadler 0
      That looks good! What times super?
    3. timriggins69 0
      Flounder and swordfish are the two best eating fish
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Looks very tasty
    5. greatness627 0
      Doesn't get fresher than that brother! 👍
    6. Randy McGhee 0
      @joshua49 yea bro can't beat flounder on a bed of fried worms lol!
    7. joshua49 0
      That've for a second thought that was worms lol
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  7. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish)

    Kayak crate! It's a standard crate with 4, 12" pieces of 1.5" schedule 40 PVC Ty-rapped to the corners. I put rod leashes on the front made of 1/4" ...more deck rigging and small carabiners! Show me yours!

    1. Randy McGhee 0
      Made them from 1/4 deck rigging
    2. GizmosBait 0
      I need to finish redoing mine for the new kayak I got. Did you buy your leashes or make them out of 440 cord?
    3. lawson88fish 0
    4. Randy McGhee 0
      @lawson88fish get some 3/4 PVC and tyrap it to the crate and then go buy the go pro handlebar/seat post kit
    5. lawson88fish 0
      How did you do that gopro mount
    6. elias Gonzalez 0
      I just did mann
    7. Randy McGhee 0
      @normal_guy post it
    8. elias Gonzalez 0
      I just finish setting up my
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  8. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish)

    Finally mounted my Lowrance!

    1. Randy McGhee 0
      @Texasfishing101 Great it's a down scan too soo everything shows up the way it is not just smudges if there is a bus down there it shows a bus
    2. meandean713 0
      How does that model handle and show
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  9. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Live shrimp and a split shot.

    Bump and drag bottom slow retrieve! Wait 20 seconds and set the hook. Fish On! @greatness627 guess you were right brother!

    1. _StarsAndBars 0
      Yea I guess
    2. Randy McGhee 0
      @_StarsAndBars In the mansions?
    3. _StarsAndBars 0
      I live on Taylor lake. Nice flounder
    4. AllWaterLife 0
      Yea I see that! Lol. Anything for a big fish.
    5. Gunner Newberry 0
      19 3/4 is a great size flounder!
    6. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      I caught some real nice flounders & specks around there I also caught my PB Black Drum by the bridge fishing for flounder 42" beast
    7. Randy McGhee 0
      @ReelGame Thanks bro!
    8. Randy McGhee 0
      @GunnerNewberry Maybe one day I'll catch me some big slabs like you have. That one was 19 and three quarters!
    9. Randy McGhee 0
      @AllWaterLife that's a chance I'm willing to take lol! Taylor lake has good flounder and Big Reds, I've been going for 6 yrs and never any problems out ...more there!
    10. Gunner Newberry 0
      Great blert!
    11. AllWaterLife 0
      Ahh gotcha. I've always wanted to fish there, but I've heard of people's cars getting broken into while they're out.
    12. Randy McGhee 0
      @AllWaterLife it's actually port road side not red bluff
    13. AllWaterLife 0
      Is that exact location accurate..?
    14. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice Flounder
    15. greatness627 0
      What a slab! Nice going brother. I always tell myself when I go fishing, "if I don't slam em in the morning, I'll slam em in the afternoon". 😂 ...more They gotta get hungry at some point. 👍
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  10. Couldn't get them to hit live, tops or soft plastic on to the next spot!

    1. GizmosBait 0
      Yeah it's the 2 piece. No problems with leaks at all or anything. It's plenty stable and I have more room for storage than before. And if it does spring ...more a leak plastic welders are cheep and easy use.
    2. texasfisher8 0
      @GizmosBait that kayak is the two piece or something like that right? Have you had any problems with leaking? Or anything like that? I have also been looking at ...more that kayak
    3. GizmosBait 0
      @texasfisher8 I bought the pelican icon 12x120 for 299$ on sale at academy new model is coming out its 30" wide and stable, after paddle and all I spent about ...more 400$ with tax.
    4. GizmosBait 0
      That was my first yak, loved it but got a wider one that was the only downfall to me.
    5. texasfisher8 0
      Great thanks
    6. Randy McGhee 0
      529 @texasfisher8
    7. texasfisher8 0
      How much was it if you don't mind me asking I have been looking around at yaks and wanna only spend about 600 at the most but preferably 500 or so
    8. Randy McGhee 0
      @BurningReelsLermasSyle yes sir
    9. Randy McGhee 0
      @texasfisher8 yes sir
    10. texasfisher8 0
      Is that a perception sport kayak?
    11. AllWaterLife 0
      Water looks awesome and flat. I wanna go there in summer and throw topwater to see if I can't hook up on a jack.
    12. Ernesto Lerma 0
      is that mosquito island?
    13. Matthew_L 0
      We had a day like that last Saturday, then we lit them up on Sunday, looks awesome though.
    14. greatness627 0
      Looks like a great day to be out there bro. I'm sure your luck will change. 👍
    15. j_reyes 0
      or with live and artificial*
    16. j_reyes 0
      wade near skyline drive with some gulp or chicken boys that works best for me with live and artificials
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I'm Randy McGhee. 25 y/o. From Houston area. Kayak and wade fishing. I love to kill some ducks and and hogs. Take away the grocery stores, ill ...more eat good still. I'm down to go fishing/hunting with new people, give me a shout 8324727016. .