1. Decent deal for some people.

    1. Dblock910 0
      60 bucks is a great deal for that reel
    2. crookcody19 0
      Well I'll go by bass pro and look at it.
    3. Ryan Money 0
    4. Ryan Money 0
      i got one for christmas and i have the inshore model. the inshore cant be bear and this one from as far as i can tell is just as good.
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
    6. crookcody19 0
      Yeah I might get that since it's very cheap. How smooth is it and how durable? @TexasAngler7
    7. Ryan Money 0
      i have that reel its pretty nice. @crookcody16
    8. crookcody19 0
      That's a good starter reel
    9. osiis 0
      Too bad it doesn't have a left hand retrieve.
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  2. Made this to use my portable fish finder off the dock with pole holders so I can move it around my dock easily.

    1. cameron phillips 0
      Well it looks like you put a lot of work into it and it looks good.
    2. cameron phillips 0
      Would you be worried about a big fish yanking your whole idea into the water?
    3. osiis 0
      @Krugster Dock is a boat dock. It's stationary so it's not incredibly useful but it was a good excuse to build something and try it out.
    4. osiis 0
      @Krugster Dock is stationary so it's not incredibly useful other than telling me if fish are under my feet. But it was a good excuse to build something new.
    5. cameron phillips 0
      Does the dock move?Do you use the dock like a big raft? It looks nice in the bag you have it in.
    6. osiis 0
      @Krugster Girl bought it for me for Xmas for my yak. Figured I'd use it when I fish off the dock too but there wasn't a place to stick it to my dock. So ...more just added a transducer mount to my fish bucket
    7. cameron phillips 0
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  3. Xmas present from my girl. Went out on her own, researched/picked it out and surprised me. She picked the portable one so I can use it from our dock and on our kayaks. ...more First FF I've personally owned.

    1. Cale Ellingson 0
      Mine came with a 12v 7 amp and it didn't last long . I bought a 12v 9 amp and it's waaaay better . But now i just use the battery it came with as a backup
    2. osiis 0
      @Cale the hummingbird 7ah 12v with charger off of amazon. Was gonna get a combo that was $10 cheaper but the chargers were junk. No charge indicators and didn't ...more stop charging when battery was full.
    3. Cale Ellingson 0
      What battery did you get ?
    4. osiis 0
      @Cale @TXfisherman97 Nice, glad to know they work well. Hopefully try mine out this week when the battery arrives in the mail.
    5. Will Engle 0
      I also have the 160, works great on my yak
    6. Cale Ellingson 0
      I have the 385 ci portable because I can use it ice fishing also
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  4. 70 degrees out here in CA. Drifting with the current enjoying a beverage while trolling. Had to get out in the Yak and enjoy the sun.

    1. osiis 0
      @49ers partly is nice but this is also mainly a retirement community where you have to go to "town" for a lot of things. My age is definitely a minority ...more here.
    2. Anthony Brasil 0
      Lucky you. That would be amazing!
    3. osiis 0
      @49ers I live on the water here so I just walk down to my dock. Didn't catch anything. There is Discovery Bay Marina in town and Orwood Marina just outside of ...more town.
    4. osiis 0
      I live on the water here. So I just walk down to my dock. But there is the Discovery Bay Marina in town or Orwood Marina just outside of town. And I didn't catch ...more anything.
    5. Anthony Brasil 0
      Where do you launch and park there? Did you have any luck? I need to wet y lines soon
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  5. Need to come up with a DIY Cupholder. Anyone have any ideas? I seen a Scotty Cup Holder but I'm cheap. 70 degrees out here in CA today had to get the Yak out.

  6. Pretty sweet lighter at the hardware store.

    1. osiis 0
      @Tommy3Fingerz Nice, I wish it you could put line on it and it actually reeled. I'd try to use it just to say I caught a fish with a lighter.
    2. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      I got one of them 👍
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  7. Finally got my yak's off the ground. Fire hose makes great straps and its free if you ask nicely and bring ice cream. Screen door material on the base to hold ...more stuff like paddles, seats.

    1. Anthony Brasil 0
      Is it the ocean kayak prowler trident 13?
    2. King_Fisher 0
      K thanks@osiis
    3. osiis 0
      @pgondella At first I thought the 13' was too big as well but after using it a lot. I prefer the 13' if I'm going to be out paddling all day. Unless ...more your water area of use is too small to turn go big.
    4. osiis 0
      @pgondella I think you mean the tan one which is a ocean kayak 13. But everyone fights over it cuz no one wants to use the red 10' Hobie. The 13' is soooo ...more much easier to paddle.
    5. King_Fisher 0
      How do you like that asend twelve I'm thinking about getting one but they seem a bit big and unruly.
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  8. A big deal for locals and anyone who enjoys fishing, etc in this area.

    1. Austin Hill 0
      i'v got that same sign in my yard I live in clarksburg.
  9. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a lucky craft flash minnow 110sp

    Saw a school of birds going crazy in the backyard. Hoped in the boat and it wouldn't start. Chased them down with the trolling motor full speed and caught this ...more 12" as they were moving farther away.

    1. osiis 0
      @KPajela Yup anyone can fish here. I fish from my dock daily and watch the lucky people with boats go by wishing they would pick me up.
    2. Stephen Pajela 0
      So anybody can fish there?
    3. osiis 0
      @SoCalfishslayer It's the man made housing project/waterways(Discovery Bay) on the CA Delta. It's connected to the ocean, American River, etc. They trying ...more to take this water and feed it to you in SoCa
    4. Grant Macdonald 0
      is that a private lake???
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a zoom super fluke, pearl white. 2/0 ewg offset shank. 6lb fluoro leader. 10lb braid. ml spinning

    Low tide fishing in about 7' water in front of my dock. This new PB, 7.03lbs, hits. Day before I lost a striper cuz he snapped my leader cuz I was being careless. ...more Today made sure to bring this in 7.03

    1. Abel2FISH 0
      You need yourself a Gopro my friend! Nice fish!!!
    2. osiis 0
      @eastonsutley good idea, didn't even think of that. +1
    3. eastonsutley 0
      Awesome fish try taking a video and then screen shot it for different angles
    4. Trevor Mitchell 0
      a lot of times the pic really doesn't do the fish justice. nothing beats seeing it in person
    5. osiis 0
      @tdlmitch thanks, I was telling my girl the pics don't do it justice cuz all my pics look the same every time.
    6. Trevor Mitchell 0
      nice hog man
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Plastic Navy / Ocean Kayak 13. Just started fishing when I moved to Discovery Bay this summer.