1. Went out with Bak Bar Charters today. We caught 1 small shark, 5 amberjacks 4 were keepers, 10 Black Sea bass no keepers, 1 35lb Cobia, and 12 red drum 2 were high ...more slot keepers the rest were 30 to 38 inches.

    Cobia (Ling)

  2. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Electric shock

    NC Wildlife Commission checking striped bass health in the Roanoke River. Looking pretty good, in my opinion.

  3. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Blue herring

    Fishing for stripers with Captain Ponytail

  4. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Blue herring

    Fishing with Captain Ponytail for stripers

  5. Details: Other Freshwater with a Won it

    Welcoming Yeti number 2 to the family. I won it two weeks ago and got it on Friday. Thanks to Patriot Clean Fuel for the Roadie.

    1. meandean713 0
      Thanks man
    2. OBX_Fishing 0
      @meandean713 mine doesn't have a sticker on top. 3M has a good adhesive remover. You can get it at auto zone. Read on it to make sure it won't damage the ...more cooler.
    3. meandean713 0
      Did it have a big sticker on top too ... Mine did and I bn having trouble getting the glue off from it
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  6. I don't know what kind of shark it was, but she had fun fighting it. It did have black tipped fins though. We took the pic and released it.

    Other Shark with a Cut finger mullet

    1. OBX_Fishing 0
      @crookcody17 that's right. I couldn't talk her in to it.
    2. crookcody19 0
      Ahaha guess the wife refused to hold it
    3. OBX_Fishing 0
      @spanishmack thanks, that's kinda what I figured.
    4. spanishmack 0
      Blacktip shark
    5. OBX_Fishing 0
      @Texas_Slam this is pretty average size around here, and we don't catch them very often at that.
    6. Texas_Slam 0
      Yeah lol everybody is getting some nice 5ft+ plus sharks on the beach down here...
    7. OBX_Fishing 0
      Thanks @Texas_Slam I knew one of you guys from Texas could tell me.
    8. Texas_Slam 0
      Yeah it's a little blacktip. He's really dark because he's been cruising in 50+ feet deep before you caught him.
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  7. My wife, daughter, and niece getting it done. They caught 12 bluefish yesterday evening. I only got to bait hooks, cast, and take fish off.

    Blue Fish with a Cut finger mullet

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      they were running really good here yesterday too
  8. Beautiful day. Lots of sun, mid 80's. Now we're having a pretty heavy evening thunderstorm. We've been catching small blue fish and flounder. None were ...more picture worthy. We caught them on cut mullet. Hopefully we'll get to do some more fishing soon.

    Other Saltwater with a More rain

  9. Caught three small blue fish and my PB red drum. Didn't get a weight but it was 33". It was over slot so I had to release it. Overcast and raining. 80 degrees, ...more water was about 80 also. No grass and the water was clean. Out going tide. Wind out of the SE at 10 mph. 10' rod with a Diawa spinning reel. 25# mono with a 300# swivel.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Cut menhaden (bunker) on a two hook drop rig. 2/0 gold Kahle hooks with 50# mono leader. 5 oz sinker

    1. OBX_Fishing 0
      @jerseyshark I don't have a clue what this one weighed, I was hurrying trying to get it back in the water.
    2. jerseyshark 0
      I caught a 18 pounder in the keys, but very nice fish!!!
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      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Aug 05, 2014!
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      Thanks @Ambojack
    5. Ambojack 0
      Nice fish
    6. King_Fisher 0
      Right thanks man.
    7. OBX_Fishing 0
      @crookcody17 not very far. The wind was blowing onshore, so about 15 yards beyond the breakers.
    8. crookcody19 0
      How far out did you cast?
    9. OBX_Fishing 0
      @King_Fisher it rained all day, sometimes it rained hard. There's a good chance of rain all week. The high temps are in the low 80's.
    10. King_Fisher 0
      Nice how's the weather down there? I've been dying to get down there!
    11. OBX_Fishing 0
      Thanks @ReelGame and @Reel_Smooth
    12. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice red!
    13. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      solid red good info
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  10. Lots of rain. 75 degrees. Water temp 80 degrees. Surf is rough, with with low visibility. First day here, and haven't even wet a hook yet.

    Other Saltwater with a Rain


Love surf fishing, but don't spend as much time at it as I should.