1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Caught a couple of nice ones with my buddy

  2. Details: Tripletail

    Had a great day of fishing for reds and I was lucky enough to catch my first Tripletail

    1. cole_papa 0
      Damn nice triple tail
    2. nicholas nicholas 0
      Boat.... But we were fishing docks @joe_26
    3. joe_26 0
      Ok cool. I will be in Gulf Shores on Monday. Were u on a boat or from a dock?
    4. nicholas nicholas 0
      No fishing in the bay with live shrimp @joe_26
    5. joe_26 0
      Didn't mean to put what bait.
    6. joe_26 0
      Where u fishing from the surf? If so what bait?
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  3. Caught a couple of fish off the edge of the grass dragging a brush hog on the bottom with a 1/4 ounce weight.

    Largemouth Bass

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Junebug red/ black and red flake/ smokin purple zoom 6in lizards 7'0" med hvy St. Croix mojo bass/ lews tourney mg 7.1:1 casting ...more reel

    Had a great day with my buddy. The bite was on mid-day and we tore em up!!! We took them out because it's an over stoked private neighborhood pond.

    1. nicholas nicholas 0
      I broke 15# line twice on a huge fish @lainedillard
    2. Laine Dillard 0
      Nice mess that's my favorite eating size and if those are the culls out of an over stocked pond then I'd hate to see what a big one is might actually get ...more me to bass fish for once
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  5. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a ?????

    What's the best thing to use for speckled trout right now? Off the shore.

    1. fishwizard52 0
      My favorite is always a MirroDine
    2. cole_agouridis 0
      Live shrimp
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a sweet beaver

    Couple of decent fish. Just had flash floods day before and managed to pull a few out. 63* Very muddy water. 3 FOW

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a sweet beaver

    Biggest of tonight. 20 in. 4.1lbs. Caught her in 2 FOW. 64* slow retrieve bumping off structure

    1. ryan_lindsey83 0
      I'm looking for anything close to them I'll buy them out if I find any
    2. nicholas nicholas 0
      A few left😥 @ryan_lindsey83
    3. ryan_lindsey83 0
      Do you still have that bait that you've been catching them on?
    4. ryan_lindsey83 0
      Do um
    5. matt matt 0
      20 inches and only 4.01 man, that sucks is expect her to be a little bigger
    6. fisherkid 0
      I have that se exact scale
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a sweet beaver

    Caught a few today

    1. kisbass 0
  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a sweet beaver

    Sweet beaver strikes again. Caught them deep around structure really slow. 60* 8-10 FOW

    1. nicholas nicholas 0
      Its a field and stream rod. It was free with the purchase of the reel @lnorris
    2. lnorris 0
      What rod is that
    3. nicholas nicholas 0
      Sometimes but it's a management pond and anything under 15 inches I have to take out. @FishingKing11
    4. Christian Greico 0
      Do you eat them?
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a sweet beaver

    Not a bad day. Got some warm weather today. I caught a total of 9 and my biddy caught 4. The evening bite was pretty good.

    1. Roger Connolly 0
      The FS shirt strikes again! Good job!


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