1. norcalrider 0
      Thanks racer29 yeah we have been going on jellys ferry boat ramp plugs and roe we r going to try nothing but roe next week I have seen a few caught but no luck yet ...more for me
    2. kenny kenny 0
      ...is key. And its a total gamble
    3. kenny kenny 0
      Sac has been tough for everyone lately. Back bouncing roe has been the most productive. Patience is a virtue. The bite turns on and off so fast its stupid. Being ...more in the right place at the right time..
    4. norcalrider 0
      Sweet yeah going back out Wednesday
    5. Oliver Ancans 0
      Swimming up stream stick with them as long as you can and cast in front of them with a mepps or panther martian. When they are in the rivers it's just a matter ...more of pissing them off enough to bite
    6. Oliver Ancans 0
      Try spinners and rapalas when the fish are bedding up. Otherwise it just takes time with bottom bouncing eggs or yarn. Fish the deep hold during the day and if you ...more find a school of salmon……
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  1. Red (redfish) Drum with a shrimp

  2. Cold morning still caught a few

    Black Drum with a shrimp

  3. Looking for a good fishing charter in Nassau Bahamas any ideas ?

    1. norcalrider 0
      Yeah we'll I know u suck at fishing so u can have some of my pics if u want lol
    2. Boozehound90 0
      Word, I downloaded this app n was looking at Shasta lake n saw a pic of you! Small world. Hopefully I can add some pics this weekend heading to Shasta Saturday morning.
    3. norcalrider 0
      What up
    4. Boozehound90 0
      What sucka, it's ortiz!
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  4. Details: Blueback Herring with a hands

    Some monster bait for halibut

    1. norcalrider 0
      Those were our bait for halibut
    2. easton Armstrong 0
      What kind of bait or lures did you yous and ware
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  5. Details: Other Snapper with a jig

    Gf with a nice black snapper

  6. Details: California Halibut

    260ft down using cut herring

    1. Casting22Major 0
      Some good fish
    2. norcalrider 0
      Yeah took it out of Seward ak was a great trip
    3. thefishwhisperer88 0
      Is this a charter??
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  7. Cruzing lake mcumber caught 10 nice rainbows

    1. Eric Measles 0
      how much sea-weed/salad did you find?
    2. kenny kenny 0
      The intersection of highway 44 and 89. Both are pretty small. Thanks guys!
    3. kenny kenny 0
      Looks like a nice day! @bassinboy01 @MulletHead can you guys add lake mccumber and north battle creek res. mccumber is northeast of shingletown and north battle ...more creek res is just northwest of...
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Love fishing up in nor cal or anywhere