1. Breaking baits

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    2. nonstopfishing 0
      No, we use injector molds @Lapulapu
    3. Lapulapu 0
    4. Lapulapu 0
      Nice, did you make your own molding?
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  2. Details: Red Snapper with a Squid

    Nice mixed bag of red snapper, white snapper, and grunt. 37 in all. Caught off structure.

    1. King_Fisher 0
      I bet!
    2. nonstopfishing 0
      @King_Fisher pan fried with butter, salt and pepper, best fish I have ever tasted
    3. King_Fisher 0
      You'll be eating good!
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  3. Details: Lane Snapper with a Squid

    Some nice snapper from down in the Exumas. About 83 degrees, light wind. Fishing off structure like reefs with squid. 3ft swells

    1. garrett weiss 0
      Ya not red snappers
      Those are lane snappers and they look undersized did u keep them
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  5. The baits are looking great! Check us out on Facebook. Category 5 baits

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      Check my blert
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      I also made a Facebook page for Rod wrapping and lure building if you would like to post there also @nonstopfishing
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Eco pro tungsten roll tide Alabama rig with 3inch big hammer swimbait tails and 3/8oz jig head

    Cold day with clear, sunny skies. Light wind, clear water, sand bottom. Casting the Alabama rig, steady retrieve. Sometimes i would stop reeling and let the rig ...more flutter down then quickly continue reeling. Nice bass here to show for it.

    1. Tyrone Smith 0
      Nice pic
  7. Details: Koi with a Bread

    Huge koi my friend and i caught. Found this pond trying for bass. This fish put up a huge fight.

    1. thefishwhisperer 0
      Yep I'm telling you these giant goldfish are fun to catch. @
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Dang!!! Glad @thefishwhisperer had me add that species
    3. flounderpounder88 0
      Fish matches the hoodie! Go Tigers! Cool catch
    4. Jose_Can_senko 0
      That's a good sized butterfly koi right there...
    5. Andrew Alonzo 0
      nice koi guys!!
    6. Tyrone Smith 0
      I could imagine the fight
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Alabama rig

    Check out the neon yellow areas on this bass. Pretty cool.

    1. TexasFisher07 0
      Awesome colors
  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Alabama rig with 3 inch big hammer swimbaits

    Second Alabama rig fish. When i set the hook on the fish my reel came out of the reel seat.. I had to reel without a rod! Still got her in the kayak.

    1. nonstopfishing 0
      @saylor_cline Eco pro tungsten roll tide with big hammer 3 inch swim tails and 3/8 oz jig head
    2. saylor_cline 0
      What alabama rig do you use?
    3. MusicCityBass 0
      I'm an Ole Miss fan. I got my hopes up there
    4. nonstopfishing 0
      @MusicCityBass CLEMSON!
    5. MusicCityBass 0
      Is that a Clemson hoodie or an Ole Miss hoodie?
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  10. My new lexa 300 is making kind of a screaming sound when i cast. I am using 25lb mono. Is it just the line going out or is it a problem? Thanks

    1. Cody Fuller 0
    2. Cody Fuller 0
      Ha thats what I suspected
    3. nonstopfishing 0
      @LunkerLander yea it stopped making the noise after i got it wet
    4. Cody Fuller 0
      Be more long term if you use oil or wd40
    5. Cody Fuller 0
      It may come back, mine went away for a while, what it is is the rubber break is really dry and is vibrating, kind of like when you use an eraser, it may go away ...more temporarily if it gets wet, but it will
    6. Cody Fuller 0
    7. nonstopfishing 0
      @LunkerLander i went fishing today and all of a sudden the problem stopped... My reel now casts further and is silent...
    8. Cody Fuller 0
      I've had the same problem, try unscrewing the friction break knob all the way and oiling both sides heavily while letting the oil deep down into the break system
    9. MarkCooke 0
    10. MarkCooke 0
      Could be your breaks, if they are centrifugal it could possibly make that sound if they are the only force slowing the reel down
    11. TexasAngler89 0
      It may just be the big diameter line screaming through the line guide just try some smaller line like I said it should take the sound away
    12. nonstopfishing 0
      But it dosent sound like gears or anything metallic@TexasAngler89
    13. nonstopfishing 0
      Its a squeal almost.. Like the sound a zipper makes kinda @TexasAngler89
    14. TexasAngler89 0
      How does the noise sound?
    15. TexasAngler89 0
      But switch to a lighter line like 15 or 12 and see if it does it. If it does you know you have a problem cause it should be silent with mono
    16. TexasAngler89 0
      I could see it making a noise if you were useing braid but your using mono. I have a lexa 100 with 20lb mono spooled on it and it's silent. I'm bout to put ...more 15lb flouro on it.
    17. j_reyes 0
      Id be using 20lb mono or less its probably the line when you're casting out
    18. Mason Cizek 0
      Probably just the line going out. Try and loosen up your braking and free spool it.
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