1. Really cool looking bluegill one of the most colorful ones I've ever caught. Ended up using this fish to catch some gar

    Bluegill Sunfish

  2. Right as the sun was setting last night I got 4 bites and only got 1 onto the dock. About 80* dark brown water a little wind bringing in some current. @KeepItReel

    Spotted Gar

  3. I was trying to snag a snake near the dock and this bowfin jumped out of the water and took my top water. Put up a pretty good fight. 90* a few clouds dark brown ...more water. @KeepItReel


  4. I was trying to snag a snake in the water next to the dock, and this bowfin jumped out of the water and took my bait, put up a real good fight. @keep


  5. Hot as hèłł. Calm water. @KeepItReel

    Largemouth Bass

  6. Details: Blue Tilapia

    Huge tilapia me and my friend caught at the golf course. Biggest I've seen in a while. About 90 degrees no wind humid coffee water

    1. Valvofolife 0
    2. noah_preston 0
      Yes sir @blueninja
    3. John Tellier 0
      Dinner for 2!
    4. Surf_Monkey 0
      That's a biggun!
    5. John478 0
      Big tilapia. Good fish
    6. Jean-Pierre Alkarra 0
    7. gkendus 0
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  7. Chopped. Day after floods water up 5-8" 75ish degrees murky waters humid. Saw her feeding of shad at top of water, castes about 1 yard behind her twitched it ...more a few times and let the back end sink and she took off with it

    Blue Catfish

    1. bullardsbesttackleco 0
      Nice cat! That actually is a blue, channels are more green, and they're whiskers are thicket
    2. michael michael 0
      Nice one
    3. diggerman 0
      Nice channel cat!!!!!
    4. jeffreybravo_sj 0
      Nice Cat 👍🎣
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Mild conditions around 90 degrees coffee colored water, partly cloudy. 20lb braided line, Shimano Curado on a Duckett Ghost series

  9. 80 degrees very 7mph wind mostly cloudy sun would pop out every few minutes water clarity about 6-8 inches caught in near patch of dead grass

    Largemouth Bass

    1. noah_preston 0
      U said u use to fish at the spot behind my house @ChanceHuiet
    2. noah_preston 0
      What would u use? @ChanceHuiet and when
    3. noah_preston 0
    4. noah_preston 0
      Really? I live right on that creek @chancehuiet
    5. noah_preston 0
      Oh the little creek that goes behind the houses? @ChanceHuiet
    6. noah_preston 0
      Wait where would u go? @ChanceHuiet
    7. noah_preston 0
      What @ChanceHuiet
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    79 degrees cloudy 6 mph wind 87% humidity very cloudy water. 3.5 lbs

    1. Marcus Lane 0
      Cool - I think I'll give'em a try
    2. noah_preston 0
    3. noah_preston 0
      I like me. But I had to buy really big bass hooks to rig it but you don't have to. But I miss a lot with it tho haha @stageflight
    4. Marcus Lane 0
      How you like the snake? Thought about getting some
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