1. Another photo of the crab/ craw.

    1. ryanstahlman15 0
      Thatcher looks really Good did u make it
  2. Craw/crab diving bug. Floats then dives. Looks good besides the wet fur claws (took a dip in the tub lol😋) would work innsalt or fresh... Not sure which yet, but ...more is defintely gonn be on some bass

    1. chaserocks 0
      That's a creative way do to it nice
    2. Colby Teall 0
      It shows. Great job!
    3. no_bullcrap_flies 0
    4. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      4-5 years
    5. Colby Teall 0
      How long have u been tying flies for?
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  3. Just in time for spawn!!

    1. no_bullcrap_flies 0
    2. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Already got the rest lol trying the sick fish. Love havoc!!! Making another order before the end of the month too@Mrcatchandrelease
    3. Ben King 0
      You left off some of the best havoc baits
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  4. Big purchase coming up

    1. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      @adamcrifasi tacklewarehouse
    2. adamcrifasi 0
      Where r u ordering from?
    3. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      @c_barker24 hoping to get them in before the spawn
    4. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Yea im getting 3 & a 3.75 weedless grass minnow.
    5. c_barker24 0
      I've heard good things about those huddle bugs.
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  5. Yea that is a dirty floorboard mat, but im tying in bulk for a fly swap. The theme is flata flies

    1. steven ridout 0
      Alright @no_bullcrap_flies
    2. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      @Texas_Fish I dont normally sell due to the fact that there really isnt a good way to transfer payment besides paypal, i have to restock a little and I'll tell ...more you when we can work something out.
    3. steven ridout 0
      Please respond to me on this account
    4. Where can I get your flies?
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  6. One of my patterns I'll be tying for the 4th semi annual tltff instagram fly swap, I got lucky and landed the last spot.

    1. Colby Teall 0
      Looks awesome!
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice one!
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  7. Crowned ruler crab... Last one.

  8. E-z Squid

    1. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      I live in North Carolina but my other home is in Philadelphia ms
    2. FlyRodCommander 0
      Are you located near okatibee lake?
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  9. Floating needlefish

    1. TheDirtyPelican 0
      Man I'm just messin with ya. As long as you get the fly out there and catch fish then I don't care if swim it to the fish.
    2. no_bullcrap_flies 0
    3. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      I know but what im saying is without rod bend youd have to use brute strength and would get no distance, so I guess technically you are right lol
    4. TheDirtyPelican 0
      Yeah but your still casting the line with that rod bend. Lol. @no_bullcrap_flies
    5. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      @FloridaFly I cast completely on rod bend. I prefer to use a double haul
    6. TheDirtyPelican 0
      You actually cast the line. But the fly is phenomenal. I agree with @MiamiFly chartreuse would be killer! @no_bullcrap_flies
    7. MiamiFly 0
      If you made one in chartreuse I'd be killer on cudas and jacks down here
    8. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      I could rig up a couple of heavy duty 10' lol @SabineLakeHustler
    9. no_bullcrap_flies 0
    10. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Ohhhh i gotcha it aint really heavy but you dont cast the fly you cast the rod
    11. SabineLakeHustler 0
      No fly fish but that be awesome in a spread and watch mahi mahi , bust it up
    12. SWBnatemac 0
      Looks cool and could work with the right colors but what's the weight @no_bullcrap_flies
    13. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      It'll hold up @SWBnatemac
    14. SWBnatemac 0
      That's is very cool, I saltwater fish and would like to try that out. How heavy is that rig??
    15. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Bass pro shops or anywhere you can buy flies @SabineLakeHustler you fly fish?
    16. SabineLakeHustler 0
      Where you buy supply? That's is awesome!! I like to try and make some!!
    17. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Run a marabou plume down the ez body and put it all on the hook and tie around the end too
    18. tyler57 0
      How's you make em
    19. no_bullcrap_flies 0
      Thank ya sir @tyler57
    20. tyler57 0
      Those are really nice
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I live in North Carolina. I fly fish, surf fish, bass fish, carp, and a lot of pier fishing... But mostly tie flies lol. I'd be happy to fill ...more up you fly box so drop me a line kik-Jwobble