1. Details: Yellow Perch

    25.5 fow out in front of sterling state park. We limited out ONCE AGAIN. Perch fishing has been crazy this year it only took us half an hour to limit out.

  2. Details: Yellow Perch

    25.5 fow limited out on perch (120) we caught them all in 45 mins every time dropped lines down you would reel up and have to perch on..

  3. Details: Yellow Perch

    We caught 46 perch yesterday between the two of us. It was rough and had to put the anchor down the fifth time I put it down we were in them. Ran out of bait fast

    1. Don White 0
      Are those like our bream in tha south very good to eat and do you fry them
  4. Details: Walleye

    27 fow in front of fermi power plant.

  5. Details: Walleye

    24-26 fow between fermi power plant and stoney point. Beautiful day lots of shorts.

  6. Details: Walleye

    4 walleye in 2 hours and one being 27 inches.

  7. Details: Walleye

    This picture goes out to my dad who is the reason I started fishing and the reason I will never quit.

  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    1. solorider4o8 0
      Nice fish
    2. joshr9060 0
      awesome fish
    3. Detroit River Angler 0
      Man! Nice rainbow out of the Huron! Great coloring and pattern on her too!
    4. easton Armstrong 0
      Great fish
    5. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish!
    6. Drew72 0
      Nice bow!
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  9. Details: Northern Pike

    Island lake 10" of ice

  10. Details: Yellow Perch

    Fishing in michigan waters 26-27 fow


Love fishing. I started when I was in a car seat. I fish from ponds, the great lakes, inland lakes, and the ocean.