1. Got a limit on flounder, a red, and 2 big uglies this weekend. Not a bad day, a little slow but at least we were catching them

    Gulf Flounder

  2. My friend Caught this thing just off of a&m. Any one know what the heck this is. We were going for flounder

    Lizard Fish

    1. TroTro 0
      Definitely lizard fish
    2. pocfishin 0
      Lizard fish. And a dang big one.
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      Definitely a lizard fish, and a monster at that!
    4. nicholas_hull 0
      20" red, 27" black drum, and founder between 14" and 18"
    5. nicholas_hull 0
      @ChanceHuiet got our limit on flounder and got a red and two drum
    6. strashen 0
      It's a lizard fish
    7. polotamayo 0
      I think they call it cigar fish
    8. Travis Henderson 0
      Looks like a lizard fish.
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  3. Details: Gulf Flounder

    Got a good 18" Sunday. Caught at least 30 13". They're should be some good keepers in a couple weeks

    1. nicholas_hull 0
      @MudCatKing yes
    2. nicholas_hull 0
      Rollover pass @randall22_
    3. Rj Sayer 0
      Is this by rollover pass? @nicholas_hull
    4. randall22_ 0
      Where on bolivar is this?
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Love that spot, consistent producer
    6. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      That's a nice one!
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  4. Details: Blue Tilapia

    Caught 18 blue and hybrid tilapia at the hotel in Orlando. Free lined bread to the tilapia and they all attacked it. Hoping to go after the big boys later.

    1. topwater_beast Woop 0
      should see the one i caught out here in minnesota on the mississppi river.. i posted a blert of it.. really weird catchin it here lol
  5. Details: Rock Bass

    Going for walleye. Nothing but him so far. Anyone have any tips on how to catch them. The water is flowing real quick.

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Another good one from today. Weighed 3.79 pounds. She absolutely inhaled the fluke. Glad to see this spot still producing

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Got him on my new tiny albino zoom flukes One of my smallest bass. Caught in a creek and am Planning on going back later to go after some far on my ultralights. ...more Also caught about 8 more. Biggest was 4.2 pounds

  8. Details: Hybrid Bass

    Caught well over 100 of these things tonight. Mainly hybrids biting but whites were active too. Caught underneath the lights twitching the lil' fishy twice and ...more letting it fall. Water was about 82° and air temp was 79° Good night for me and the boud

    1. nicholas_hull 0
      Yes I was catching whites and hybrids @ChanceHuiet
  9. Details: Other Freshwater with a Castnet

    Caught this little guy in the net yesterday, while trying to get perch for bait.

    1. pocfishin 0
      Yep. Sailfin molly.
    2. bigfish101 0
      That's a Molly minnow
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  10. Details: Grass Carp with a Magic dough bait

    Caught this nice grass carp along with about 200 6 inch catfish today. Water temp. was 73°;air temp. was low 80's. Caught on a dough bait with a size 8 ...more treble hook and a Penn fierce with a Shakespeare ugly stick.

    1. austin1234 0
      Nothing quite fights like a grass carp. Nice catch @nicholas_hull
    2. Laine Dillard 0
      Your drag really really low and his the spool when you set it you won't have time to adjust after the set and it could break you off or take your rod
    3. Laine Dillard 0
      And cast once you see one feeding but cast way out past them then bring it into the path they are feeding in about 5-10' away from them and once they take it ...more set the hook before they feel the line set
    4. Laine Dillard 0
      Bread is the best grassy bait @rivasisland25 just save the crust and start throwing the inside out so that it floats and use a hair rig with a long hair and put ...more a couple pieces of crust on the hair
    5. nicholas_hull 0
      No I made it @rivasisland25
    6. rivasisland25 0
      Did you buy the dough bait? I'm gonna try to catch one of these there's a lake near me with ones that are 50+ lbs
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