1. Perfect conditions fishing the spoils in the bay. Casted out as far as possible and within a couple of minutes I landed a fish and then in about an hour I caught ...more 5. Also I caught about 8 non keeper specks.


  2. Fishing in the same spot were we caught the blacktips this is a picture of a small non keeper spinner shark that had an incredible fight in it.

    Spinner Shark

  3. Fishing the current on the backside of the south jetty i had been catching lady fish and Spanish mackerel on just about every cast and I decided to free line my ...more shrimp outside of the current and my luck paid off as I ended up catching this nice 20 inch speck.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout

  4. Sorry it's been forever since I've posted but this past Thursday me and some close family members went shark fishing close to the south jetty and ended up ...more catch 5 sharks in total 3 being keeper blacktips and 2 spinners fun day on the water.

    Blacktip Shark

  5. Fishing in about 15 feet of water close to a jetty in Galveston. Within 5 minutes of casting we heard the drag screaming and after a long hard battle me and @bedo_bassmaster ...more landed this big one at 42"

    Red (redfish) Drum

  6. The jetties were on fire today! Fished right off the site of an old shipwreck and managed to snag up 15 sheepsheads 6 mangrove snappers 2 slot reds and one bull ...more red. @bedo_bassmaster


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      Thanks @hot1075
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  7. Fishing near an oil well casted next to some wooden pillars and let the current take the shrimp. As soon as the current was taking my shrimp under the well and I ...more got a hit and I set the hook and this tarpon like fish started jumping and thrashing all over the water.


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      Cool and yes they are I was fishing with 12 pound mono and 20 pound braid but it still put up a decent fight .
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      These are great to catch on suspending twitch baits and top water plugs and poppers... Found a school and was catching them from 10pm to 3am non stop.. fun fish ...more to catch!
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      Thanks @huddastud @Reel_Smooth @cowboy713
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      Monster lady!
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      Love catchin monster ladyfish! One of my favorites on the fly!
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      nice lady fish
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      Big ol lady fish! Fun to catch but they'll bloody up a deck real bad and they poop everywhere
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      It's definitely a ladyfish but that is one of the biggest I've seen
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      Nah its a lady fish
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      I talked to a guy who runs the bait shop and he said it's basically a bigger version of a lady Fish but it's called a horse makeral
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      That's a lady fish
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  8. Not the best haul but ended up with 3 specks 2 sheepshead and 1 blacktip. The biggest trout of the day at 24" caught by @bedo_bassmaster and we also caught ...more around 12 small sand trout and 3 undersized reds.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout

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  9. Awesome day on the water. Floated a 1/2 pound chunk of lady fish with a 7 ounce weight off the bottom and ended up catching my first ever shark with help from my ...more brother @bedo_bassmaster who had brought the shark to the surface but then handed me the pole once it took another deep dive

    Blacktip Shark

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      No problem
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      Thank holder @_hbomb_1201_
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      Nice shark hitch
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  10. Details: Black Drum

    Threw a 10 ounce dead shrimp in the water and felt a slight tug on the line and I set the hook and ended up with my first black drum!


Hi! I'm Nathan I'm 15 and love to fish!