1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Walleye Assasin

    Caught a few of these guys on a small lake north of irons Mi. The lake is Dorner Lake.

    1. gavin thelen 0
      Nice looking fish
  2. Details: Northern Pike with a Pike minnow

    Only keeper on the day. Caught at least 12 pike today! With @RonJ062 & @Ziggy1010

    1. msjm12105 0
      @bsbsbs the NorthWest side of the lake has a 50' hole. Might pick up some Eyes around the shelves.
    2. msjm12105 0
      @bsbsbs As a kid I fished it from shore and in a boat caught lots of gills, perch, and quite a bit of pike trollin. Lately all I have done is Ice fished it. Good ...more luck out there.
    3. Jdksj Hehd 0
      Sweet man. Did you fish from shore or boat cause we're gonna be on a boat.
    4. msjm12105 0
      @bsbsbs I've heard of Walleye in there but I never caught one. Yes caught plenty of perch aswell.
    5. Jdksj Hehd 0
      Is there any walleye or perch. I'm coming up there in a couple weeks and staying on the lake for a week in this cottage hope it's quite and not a lot of ...more people on it!!
    6. msjm12105 0
      @bsbsbs very good for pan fish. Alot of small Pike too 18-22".
    7. Jdksj Hehd 0
      Can you tell me anything about the fish in that lake?
    8. msjm12105 0
      @jkass20 where is your fish homey???
    9. GTeam 0
    10. Gabe Mitchell 0
      We'll find it. @bassinboy01 ^^
    11. msjm12105 0
      @MulletHead Hmmmm i want to say Bitely MI
    12. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Will do. What town is it near?
    13. msjm12105 0
      @MulletHead Nichols Lake MI please?
    14. msjm12105 0
      @Bassinboy01 Nichols Lake Mi please
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  3. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a Salmon Spoons

    Ready to hit the river, for the fall salmon run! @rdelano90 LOL!!!

    1. msjm12105 0
      @MulletHead Awesome!!! Thanx alot.
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @msjm12105 yeah buddy! Fishingscout.deco-apparel.com
    3. msjm12105 0
      @MulletHead Hey is there anyway to get FS apparel?
    4. RonJ062 0
      Haha they look a little snug! Lol
    5. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice waders bud haha
    6. msjm12105 0
      @johnztoney Hahaha remember this?
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Storm rubber perch colored lure

    This was from a few years ago, we caught alot of bass this day. Nothin big tho. @rdelano90

  5. Details: Coho Salmon with a Blue Fly, Yellow Dipsy Diver

    Another slow day for us today! Went 1-2 on the day. In 105 ft of water, with roughly 170 ft of line on the dipsy rod. Still had a great time with @johnztoney & ...more @meapest.

    1. msjm12105 0
      @similac welcome to FS lol
  6. Details: Steelhead Trout with a Blue Fly

    Only got one this mornin, but we went 1-1!!! In roughly 95 ft of water! Great job with the net @Ziggy1010! Had a great time.

  7. Details: Coho Salmon with a Glow j-plug

    We took the wife's out last night! Only went 1-1, not a good day on the lake for us 2-5 on the day! Still had a great time on the water! We'll get em next ...more time with @johnztoney

    1. msjm12105 0
      @johnztoney I agree!! Im calling 6-6 next time lol
    2. RonJ062 0
      Those fish are in trouble next time!
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  8. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a Blue nosed dolphin spoon

    We went 1-4 today! Not the greatest, but at least we didnt get skunked. 1st salmont in the new boat also! Alot of fun with @johnztoney & @Ziggy1010!!!

    1. msjm12105 0
      @johnztoney hahaha right!!
    2. RonJ062 0
      Who wears a state hat these days? Lol
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  9. Details: FreshwaterDrum / Gaspergou with a Green dolphin spoon lol

    Went 4-5 today with the guys! @johnztoney & @Ziggy1010! Couldnt make it out on lake Michigan, so we decided to stay in Muskegon lake, and troll for some sheepshead. ...more Had a blast!!

    1. Julian Julian 0
      I take the kayaks out there but its such an expansive body of water and always so choppy makes the fishing from yak difficult
    2. Julian Julian 0
      My gma lives in muskegon a few blocks from the beach. You guys ever target smallmouth in muskegon lake?
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  10. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a Glow J plug

    15lb, 2nd salmon of the year! Fishing 87' of water, trolling aprox 2.5 mph. Nice day on the lake. Waves 1-2ft! Had a blast with @johnztoney

    1. msjm12105 0
      @Ziggy1010 Where is that salmon pic at????? Its not on FS yet?? Lol
    2. Eric Nelson 0
      Hard to find around here, no one wants to get rid of them?!
    3. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, Yea lunds are sweet!!!
    4. Eric Nelson 0
      Huge! Lol! Yeah I want a big Lund!
    5. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, Yea we went from a 15ft starcraft outboard 15 horse. To a 19ft chriscraft 5.0L 305 I/O. Lol should be a big difference
    6. Eric Nelson 0
      I would like a bigger boat to do the same thing!!!
    7. Eric Nelson 0
      Yep! Only have a bass boat, not safe on the big lake!
    8. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22, ohhh ok I gotcha! Yea we are kind of rookies when it comes to salmon fishin, but we are getting the hang of it. We just got a bigger boat, so that should ...more help lol
    9. msjm12105 0
      @johnztoney Hahaha, yup time to bust out the growler!! As soon as we get it fixed :/ lol
    10. RonJ062 0
      That was definatly a good way to possibly end that boats career for salmon fishing! Time for the GROWLER! Lol
    11. Eric Nelson 0
      Nice! I'm in northern In. We fish out of St. Joe, Mi. When we do charters.
    12. msjm12105 0
      @Smallie22 Im out of muskegon. We go pretty much straight west from the muskegon channel.
    13. Eric Nelson 0
      Where on Lake Michigan?
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