1. I was fishing at evening with red schools all around me they were hitting my bait a ton. And I finally caught this 28 inch red.

    Red (redfish) Drum

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  2. Details: Yellowtail Snapper

    We went to the keys this week for vacation. We went offshore today and caught a lot of snapper. This was the biggest one I caught today. We were fishing at a reck ...more in 120 feet of water.

  3. I was fishing at this beach were we went out to eat just to try to catch something. We ended up catching 5 lady fish and 3 nice sized trout.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout

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      I'm sorry bud, but all those pics are cropped. @wyattezell
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      Oh ya look at my page. You don't have to be jealous bud. I'm sorry your mad
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      And all those fish are called imagination. @wyattezell
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      I have bigger bass,flounder,nutsack, and many more fish
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      No that's dumb but funny for an 8th grader to say I guess. Your in that stage when you think your super cool and funny. Just stop and be cool
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      Let me guess your mom caught that one for you @wyattezell
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      Look at the big flounder my first post, what's that ? Suck one
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      @wyattezell why are you talking. Your biggest saltwater fish is 5 inches and your mom probably had to catch it for you.
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      Pissy fuck
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      And @fishineer88 , how come when I was roasting you, you just stopped. Were you afraid of something?
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      @fishineer88 First of all my account stopped working. Second, you only have 6 posts and only 4 of them are fish.
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      @wyattezell @jackchavarria8
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      Hey guys look. You got a new extension to the gay group. @fishineer88
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      I know these kids are pussies that can't catch squat
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      @jackchavarria8 @wyattezell hey guys look up @legends. This stupid kid can't catch enough fish so he creates new accounts and reposts
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      You surely aren't. You only have two posts and both of the fish are small. In all your posts it looks like you're trying to hold back a poop. @jackchavarria8 ...more your so gay
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      Good lord, nice buck teeth bud @wyattezell
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      Man your such a master
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      Your just a pussy I'm not saying anymore. Good lord. Nice eyebrow bud
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  4. I caught this little guy of of a dock in Clearwater at day, and at night on the dock they had lights shinning into the water. That's were the big ones were. ...more We caught those on a Mirrolure.

    Sand Trout

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      bro your fish only look big cause you're so small why don't you eat a little and grow
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      go cry to mommy cause you're butt hurt from a little joke
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      try getting some more skill before you roast me kid
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      what does me being fat have to do with fishing really creative roast I've heard it before I still catch bigger fish than you dream of
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      Bigger than ur fish
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      Jealous of two small fish? @jackchavarria8 stop trying, you will never fit in, bro.
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      It's ok pus don't start crying
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      Relax u don't have to get angry because ur jealous
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      Aye @WillieJones your a little chubby for your age...have you been eating too many donuts. Lol Quacko eggs jw firm dart quack e head poop
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      It's still bigger than any fish you have caught or will catch. @jackchavarria8
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      @WillieJones You can't be trying to roast me when your stomach goes over your waistband.
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      Oh so you two teamed up together like gay kids and try to roast me? @jackchavarria8 @WillieJones
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      that takes so much skill teach me your ways
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      Dang u have to be a great master to catch this little dink
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  5. I was fishing in about 3 feet of water near Mackerel Island. My brothers also caught a lot of sharks.

    Sandbar Shark

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      Your mouth is open like your going to inhale a dick
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      Oh and nice hat
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      aw that's really cute you need someone to hold that fish for you
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  6. I was fishing in my front pond when I saw this guy just sitting there in his shell. God has made some amazing animals!

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  7. I don't know how to hold a fish and my eyes are over my nose. I don't catch big fish and my teeth are over my lip. And I look like I am quacking a cow on ...more a log. @wyattezell

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      My hair isn't even bleached downy. @wyattezell your so gay! Why are you starring at my hair?
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      Don't bleach your hair it doesn't make you cooler
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      Hey you should not bleach your hat
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      Ok bud. Your account has some real big fish
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      Well it looks like champ is catching a lot more and bigger fish. @wyattezell everyone knows your gay
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      Well cham9
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      No need to be mad bud
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      Haha that flounder is bigger than any flounder you've ever seen
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      Boi you need your dad to help you hold a one pound flounder. @wyattezell
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      It's ok to be jealous champ
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      I'm sorry your mad bud
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      Why would I be jealous of small fish? @wyattezell
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      I'm sorry your jealous, it's ok bud. Keep posting these pictues I can tell your interested in me gay pus
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      You mad or something? @wyattezell
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      He looks like such a downy^😂😂😂😂😂😂
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      Are you gonna cry now? @wyattezell
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      At least he's caught a fish @masters
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      LONG ARM @wyattezell
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  8. Me and my brother always go to this pond in front of our neighborhood and catch a lot of big bass and I ended up hooking this guy.

    Largemouth Bass

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      nice catch looks about 5 lbs
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  9. I just got this nice setup for only $11000! It has a trolling motor, 3 live wells, fish finder, etc.. The boat is a Key Largo and the motor is a Yamaha 150 four ...more stroke.

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      The engine is a Yamaha 150 four stroke. Starts and runs great. And sense the engine is a four stroke, it is very quiet. @SaltWaterMarsh
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      engine specs?
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  10. We were fishing at a beach, figuring we weren't going to catch anything. Then this 21 inches hit. He's my P.B. trout.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout

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      Thanks! @JR_Giffin @angie31577
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I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. When I grow up I want to be a sponsored charter captain. Always be thankful for the great ...more things God has given use. This profile is a continuation of legends.