1. Has anyone used these before? If so any luck? They are a subsurface walking lure maybe and inch long. I've used them had a lot of luck on big blue gills and ...more shy bass.

    1. MusicCityBass 0
      Well they look just like a corky
    2. masonFOX 0
      Oh yeah I thought there were top water also the first time @MusicCityBass
    3. MusicCityBass 0
      Ive tryed em but lost them cause i thought they were topwater
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  2. Details: Northern Pike with a Ribbet frogs

    Was running frogs across the weeds and the pike were hitting them like there was no tomorrow lose most of them cause of the weeds but catch a couple this size

    1. masonFOX 0
      Yeah I know they all were like that they looked like snakes @loz
    2. loz 0
      Skinny pike
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  3. This was one night Saturday the first one we got was at 6 pm and we were still getting baits all the way till 11pm we ended with 19 catfish and 3 sheephead

    Channel Catfish with a Cut bait

  4. This hungry guy stole this right out from in front of a smallmouth that was going for it in about 4 feet out water it was a boat canal

    Rock Bass with a Flicker shad

  5. This was the third night they started to be hard to hook but then we figured it out and caught these four really nice catfish

    Channel Catfish with a Round goby

    1. masonFOX 0
      I havnt caught enough to realize it but I'll try it @fishinfool23
    2. fishinfool23 0
      I don't like the big channels seems like the meat gets rubbery, one of my favorites is baby channels, taste much better then the big ones in my opinion, nice ...more catch by the way
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  6. Went fishing the next night and got all theses plus two more cats before the was up turned out to be an awsome night

    Channel Catfish with a Round goby

  7. Was fishing off a Dock and caught a bunch of fish that night and just started to caught some nice cats

    Channel Catfish with a Round goby

  8. Went out for about 2 hours got 38 fish 5 over 4 lbs and one 5-6 pounder! In 65-75 feet of water dirty look. We were fishing on top and on the edge of a reef that ...more was made of rock and zebra muscles

    Lake Whitefish with a slip jig tiped with minnow bouncing off bottom

    1. masonFOX 0
      When they first were here they hurt the Eco system but then the fish started to use them as structures a
    2. Cale Ellingson 0
      They're ruining a lot of lakes here in Minnesota
    3. masonFOX 0
      Oh yes! @Cale
    4. Cale Ellingson 0
      There invasive there right ?
    5. masonFOX 0
    6. masonFOX 0
      The bay of Green Bay
    7. Cale Ellingson 0
      And zebra muscles ha where are you fishing ?
    8. cast_away 0
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  9. Details: Northern Pike with a northern shiner

    Took this guy out from Indiana for some pike got him this 28 inch about 6 lb fish. In 3-5 feet of clear water. Used a #10 treble hook on a steal leader. Put half ...more way up from the bottom. Using tip ups

  10. This is one of the three we had caught yesterday it was a cloud and very windy out. There was nothing for snow on the ice but still a good 3 feet and good ice

    Northern Pike with a northern shiners