1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Havoc Money Maker brown with copper and purple fleck on 4/0 EWG 10lb flouro

    Also caught 3 slobs of bluegills. Surprised they ate it and that I hooked them. Same conditions as last blert

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 0-5mph SE winds. Havoc Money maker brown copper and purple fleck on 4/0 EWG hook. Spinning gear with 10lb test clear flouro

    Caught a ton of little guys today working a wacky rig. Pond is loaded with hydrilla and I would pitch about a foot past it. They would come out of the hydrilla and ...more crush it. Couldn't tell if they were on beds or not but sometimes took multiple tries to hook them so they might've been. Very overcast with occasionally having the sun pop out. Fished from 12:30-3 started out as 58* but warmed up to 63

  3. Details: Blue Catfish with a Very very overcast from 7-11am then cleared up around 3-6pm with off and on rains from 11-3. 6ft line off jug with a 2.5ft and 5.5ft deep hook ...more with 2oz weight. Whole 2-4in shad for bait

    Caught 12 1.5-2.5lbers today, perfect for a fish fry. Was running jug lines with shad on hooks about 100-175 yards out. Juvenile cats are all over the place. Caught ...more countless 10inchers. Bite wasn't too good because the winter caused the shad to have not spawned yet. Usually they have spawned by now so the caste feed like crazy but they should spawn this month then it will be on. 80* 5mph winds

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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Berkeley Havoc Money maker in green pumpkin copper and purple fleck. Wacky rigged on a 2/0 offset round bend hook. 30lb power pro braid in ...more moss green 7" med-hev Ugly stik elite rod 7:1:1 Lews reel

    Killed them today. Bass in this pond are still in prespawn mode and are feeding up. Got this bait in my mystery tackle box and it is amazing. Wacky rigged making ...more long casts parallel to the bank and letting it sink then sit on the bottom for 3 sec. Then pop pop pop your rod then repeat. 76-80* 10-15mph winds slightly overcast. Bites were subtle so I had to watch my line but fish were biting today

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon red Gary Yamamoto senko on mustad 3/0 offset round bend hook. 45lb moss green power pro braid. Lews tournament series 7:1:1 speed ...more spool 7" medium heavy ugly stik Elite rod

    Finally found some spawning bass. Was out last night and saw lots of bass fanning and chasing bait off beds but couldn't get a hook in one. So I came out today ...more went back to where I saw them and caught this solid 3 pounder first cast. She was filled with eggs and wasn't gonna let anything come on her bed. Pitched passed her and worked it slowly back. Then she scooped it up 77* 5-10mph winds

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      Fanning so If I kept fishing I probably would've caught some males with red tails but this female was full of eggs @Wyatt12
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      This was the female. She had the red tail from blood cause I hooked her in the tongue. Only stayed out to get this one cause I missed it last night & knew it ...more was pretty good sized but I have seen them
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      Ya I have caught 20 at fwood lakes and not one had the red tail
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      Not giving away this one but at this spot they have. Haven't seen any anywhere else just here
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      I haven't seen any yet
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      What pond?
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Secret

    This pond has gotten extremely overfished and it used to be that a crankbait would work every time but now the fish are getting used to it and I switched it up. ...more Found a bait that has worked great the past 3 days. 75* 5-10mph winds light could cover. Bass are still in prespawn stages and are feeding up for the spawn

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Xcalbur silent square bill crank bait in citrus shad. White buzz bait with some red strands on the skirt. Tons of fog early morning great ...more for top water. Tried with a frog but had no luck

    Little guys choking it today. 75* 5mph wind gusts. Using a Steady medium-fast retrieve with a BPS 6:4:1 reels and a 6"6 Ugly stik GX2 medium heavy rod. Minimal ...more cloud coverage bass in this pond are still in prespawn stage and are feeding up for the spawn. Had some top water bites this morning on a buzz bait but kept missing the hookup. Casting parallel to the bank fish in 3-5ft of water

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Xcalibur silent square bill crank in citrus shad

    Killen them today. Been 2 hours and have caught 20+ just caught this chunk at 16in and 2.5lbs. Was real fat. Using a steady medium fast retrieve. Fishing wind blown ...more side of pond fish are suspended at about 5ft in about 10 feet of water. First trip on my jon boat and it did not dissapoint. 70* with 6mph winds and 12mph gusts extremely overcast

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      Ya I have one just towed it then picked it up cause my grandpa brought me it and forgot the motor so all I have is a trolling motor and it's real light @Wyatt12
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      Do you have a trailer or how do you get it to the ponds
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      10 foot @Wyatt12
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      How long is your John boat
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      I'm pretty sure. Got a crank hung up and tried to reel all the way down and a 7ft rod didn't even reach it @Wyatt12
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      It is that deep in the middle
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      Otter pond @Wyatt12
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      What pond
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Small black and red buzzbait. Hot dog

    Very cloudy today with some drizzles. 15-20mph winds 70* using a medium retrieve with the buzz bait and some pre spawns with big guts would just suck it up. Also ...more caught a lot of cats in the deepest part of this stretch of creek. Hot dog on a circle hook with a Carolina rig. This was the biggest cat at 21in