1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    New 7'9" Extra Heavy Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Rod. This bad boy is gonna get paired up with a Lews Tournament Pro Speed Spool 7:1 gear ratio. Can't wait ...more to start smackin' em'

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  2. Largemouth Bass with a Norman Shad Crankbait

  3. Largemouth Bass with a Norman Shad Crankbait

  4. Me and my brother @LuringLips killed it today. Crankbait bite was on point, one fish after another for the entire day. Had Bent Rod Syndrome for sure today.

    Largemouth Bass with a Norman Shad Crankbait & Missile Baits D-Bomb w/ Candy Grass G-Money Skirt, 1oz tungsten weight and hack attack 4/0 hook

    1. hunterhastingshhhh 0
      Same here great crankbait bite out in AZ
  5. Punching tullies all day and pulled out a lot of fish. Nothing big but good day overall

    Largemouth Bass with a -G-Money Candy Grass Punch Skirt -Missile Baits D-Bomb Candy Grass -1 oz. Tungsten -Hack Attack Punch Hook -65 lb Power Pro Braid

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Drop Shot Watermelon Red Flake Senko

    Went in deep into a cove and saw nothing but shallow grass beds everywhere and one little guy drifting around. I threw a SPRO lil' John crankbait at him and ...more he followed, never committed. Tossed a wacky rig at him, swam towards it, never committed. Then decided to pull out the drop shot and he hit it as soon as the weight touched the bottom.

    1. LipHunter 0
      Both post today were guppies but better than getting skunked.
  7. Tossed by some tullies and he knocked on it on the way down. Fish was a small guy but it's better than getting skunked out on the bank.

    Largemouth Bass with a Punch Stop 3/16 oz weight G money Candy Grass Skirt Missile D-Bomb Candy Grass 4/0 wide gap hook

    1. LipHunter 0
      Yeah sweet reels. And I made a typo. I have the Tournament Pro Speed Spool. Little better than the tournament one. I will never go to another brand of reels
    2. crookcody19 0
      Yeah I have the lews tournament speed spool and love it!
    3. LipHunter 0
      It's a decent cheap reel. Other than that I would highly recommend the Lews Tournament Speed Spool hands down @crookcody19
    4. LipHunter 0
      Laser MG @crookcody19
    5. crookcody19 0
      Nice fish! What type of lews?
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  8. Largemouth Bass with a Texas Rigged Senko, watermelon red flake

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      Thanks man @bassman3869
    2. Isaac Carey 0
      Nice fish man
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