1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a education

    Guys there is a proper way to handle a large mouth bass... With a small amount of effort you could help let your prize catch fight another day. ;)

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      @Sam_H I think this is what there are talking about
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      Firethorn lake
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      Repost repost and repost!!!
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      Btw proto 2014 ;)
  3. Details: Jack Crevalle

    Just ordered. Unstoppable !

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      @texascranker ... Got it and waiting for the rod to get finished then I pick them both up ... Rod is being made for it in order to have a perfect balance. ;) very ...more important.
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      Did u get it yet? @lemesnil
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      Best reel ever so nice
    5. kadenpatu 0
      Wel it wouldn't be amazing but it be lucky if it worked
    6. lemesnil 0
      @Kadenp_atu ... Design one.... That would be quite fantastic to create an amazing reel.
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    8. kadenpatu 0
      It's awesome I should try to make a fishin reel my dad works for a metal co.
    9. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Then how do you cast it
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      @redfisher98 ... It's a bailess spinning reel... Too of the line...
    11. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Where's the bail on it?
    12. lemesnil 0
      @Lon85 thanks man.... The design is the best I've ever seen and it being completely sealed water tight is a major achievement ... Maintenance free reel... Craaaaazy.
    13. Lon85 0
      Such a beautiful reel, if I had the money.. This would be the reel. Good choice.
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    15. Paul 0
      all gold everything! love it
    16. fishkrzy 0
      Insane bro!
    17. jeanpear reyes 0
      Nice, my little brothers dream reel
    18. HOOKsettA 0
      what a beast!!!
    19. lemesnil 0
      Holds 400 yards of line.@SwampMafia @metalhead
    20. lemesnil 0
      @SwampMafia ... Will be using this for smaller game like bull reds and blacks in the surf and for kings and jacks in the boat. Use it on two different rods. A 10 ...more for surf and 6 on the boat
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      @marcsmanben ... I'm hoping it will I managed to distoy a Stella and a Magna Dyne big water Titan in two years... A really nice tarpon destroyed the Titan after ...more a 53 minute fight..
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      @pgondella 821.64 tax included... This reel is built to last!
    23. Swamp Mafia 0
      Great looking reel
    24. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford ... It's a total robo beast!
    25. lemesnil 0
      @metalhead @SwampMafia ... It's a von staal vs200 spinning reel... Sealed drag 100% corrosion proof surf spin. The toughest reels made... Great machine.. I'm ...more only going to have 50lb braid slapped on.
    26. Ben_Sanford 0
      Robo Reel!
    27. j_reyes 0
      @SwampMafia their is a video on youtube some guy dropped it in sand mud left in saltwater for 1 day and casted smoothly the next day
    28. Swamp Mafia 0
      @j_reyes wow! It looks pricey too.
    29. j_reyes 0
      van staal @SwampMafia @marcsmanben @pgondella basically a penn torque on steroids for $800 my dream reel
    30. King_Fisher 0
      Sick how much if you don't mind me asking?
    31. marcsmanben 0
      That reel will last you a long time!
    32. Oliver Ancans 0
      What reel is that?
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a demo rig

    Just a demo to share with a fellow fishing scout fisherman in the making .. Just wanted to help a bit with a visual.

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      Ok thanks I was woundering if I should buy it thanks
    2. lemesnil 0
      Scratch that... It's just watermelon/black flake @fishonflyco.... And yes a black upper body with a laminate lower is quite nice indeed depending on water color ...more and temp.
    3. lemesnil 0
      It's actually watermelon/pepper and disco(purple and pink) flake
    4. fishonflyco 0
      does the black really work
    5. lemesnil 0
      Have fun working with this weightless set up and of course have fun and confidence in the lure(s) you use. Practice makes experience and understanding! @herdh
    6. lemesnil 0
      I'm using an ewg (extra wide gap) offset hook that's a lil bit heavier gauge for less flex when I set the hook. @herdh
    7. lemesnil 0
      This is to give you a better understanding and help you land more fish ... @herdh
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a clousers,wooly,and a blockhead frog rigged with a glass rattle!

    Ready to put some heavy load on the 7wt....

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    2. lemesnil 0
      @Sam_H ... I'm out there all the time... I own a home out in lakeway... I know some great places out on lake austin!
    3. Sam_H 0
      How often do u fly fish and were? I fly fish some ponds but mostly san Marcos river and lake austin
    4. not_a_glyphis 0
      Good deal here
    5. sparksalittle 0
      It might have been closer to 4 dollars.
    6. sparksalittle 0
      @Cowboy713 ya I don't know how we'll it works because just 2 hours after I bought it I got it stuck on a dock haha. But they looked so lifelike!
    7. lemesnil 0
      All the people interested in fly fishing... Teach some casting ... Knots... Rigs... Tackle.... Water reading.... Fly tying...ectect.
    8. Chris Skinner 0
      @wyldechylde77 I HATE spinning deer hair, I can do it, but I don't enjoy it, @sparksalittle that's WAY more than I'd be willing to pay for a fly lol
    9. lemesnil 0
      I would love to get a fly class together and work some ideas and come up with a few for both fresh and salt guys ... @Cowboy713 @wyldechylde77 @sparksalittle ... ...more Love to hold a few workshops free for
    10. lemesnil 0
      Nice!!! BOOM! There's a place that has them... Thanks @sparksalittle
    11. sparksalittle 0
      @Cowboy713 at port a outfitters in port Aransas they have GREAT look shrimp flies with rattle in. They we about 6 dollars as I remember.
    12. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Very very nice indeed! I gotta get some supplies after X-mas. Really wanna tie a foam popper. Tried a Deer Hair Popper, but found out the hard way that I need more ...more experience LOL
    13. Chris Skinner 0
      For sure, there pretty cheap as well too!
    14. lemesnil 0
      @Cowboy713 ... Awesome idea..and a crab... Haven't tied a shrimp in years... Right in the center of the shrimp! Sooo money... Produce a line brother! Glass rattles ...more are super light.
    15. Chris Skinner 0
      Yea, I'm thinkin a shrimp pattern with a rattle would be money!
    16. lemesnil 0
      @Cowboy713 .. Thank you much... Yeah that big boy has seen som action... But nothing over 4.7lbs yet... I lose 2 or 3 a year like it on the flats workin reds... ...more I love it! Use those rattles in salt ;)
    17. Chris Skinner 0
      Thems some purdy flies there, that clouser on the right is a monster lol
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a home tied flies...

    Some rigs tied for tearin um up.. On the 7wt... ;)

  7. Anthrax... By Megabass... Leathal!

  8. Ya mamba hog....

    1. lemesnil 0
      Lol @Ben_Sanford ... Exactly.
    2. Ben_Sanford 0
      @LivewellHero ⬆️
    3. Ben_Sanford 0
      Yeah... What he said, but with enthusiasm!
    4. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero keep us posted. You have a very critical audience here and that is what you'll need. Think outside the box. Study attractants, materials, designs, ...more physics and add you to make your mark.
    5. Christian Holyoak 0
      This is quite the challenge, but I'm totally up for it! I've got an image in my head, I'll try my best to make it a reality. I'm getting pretty excited ...more about this design!
    6. lemesnil 0
      Think bigger and better then the best and you will be the originator not some imitator .Aim to take out the best. Megabass isn't cheap for a reason. Study why ...more .....@LivewellHero
    7. Ben_Sanford 0
      Let your mind loose... Nothing's off the table!
    8. Ben_Sanford 0
      Don't see Buck tail on bass jigs much any more, would bulk up the tail; marabou has nice action, my preferance for panfish jigs; have caught quite a few bass ...more while jigging marabou for crappie.
    9. Christian Holyoak 0
      I like it. You've been really helpful. I'll give it my all. FS need some quality trailers to go with @NFTJigs !
    10. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero ... Mess around with all sorts of material.. Floating ,sinking..incorporate them together.Floating center in the claw shape in the middle of the feathers!Create ...more what you have yet to see!
    11. Christian Holyoak 0
      Ill do one better, I got a pool out back!
    12. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero I think try several ideas. Let your mind think like a fish and everything you could notice about a lure. Every individual component from head to tail.. ...more Then work them in a bath tub.
    13. Christian Holyoak 0
      lots of water as you work the jig. Maybe also some legs or curl tails to give bulk and action
    14. Christian Holyoak 0
      What would you think of a craw chunk with the feather claws to puksate and move on their own as the jig rests, but the bid of the craw has a ring around it to act ...more almost as a scrounger to displace
    15. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero ....think of the look and feel..But think the physics of motion on textures in water ..And we will all buy from you .Think about your name being on ...more pro tour boats. Aim to beat the best!!
    16. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero... And when the bait stops the claws(feathers) have a subtle flare .... It's like having several different speeds, shapes,and actions! And they ...more are scented! You can make this affordable
    17. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero now you're talkin.Notice the bulk of the tail section and how much water it displaces, this with help the jig skirt flare with a kick... The feathers ...more will close fast like a real craw ...
    18. Christian Holyoak 0
      I could incorporate feathers... I do like that idea. Hm, what else? It would be scent infused, Ill try to make it natural looking but also with lots of action. Nice ...more and bulky as well. Any other ideas?
    19. lemesnil 0
      @LivewellHero create something like them .... I'm pretty sure if you did I'd buy from you... We need a smart young driven mind to take us beyond even these! ...more These are different and awesome. Be better!
    20. Christian Holyoak 0
      @Ben_Sanford Just knowing the company who makes these, I'm gonna go ahead and say they are too expensive for me
    21. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford.... Ben these are insane!
    22. Ben_Sanford 0
      Now that looks SEXY! @LivewellHero
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  9. Ya mamba hog... Megabass

    1. lemesnil 0
      @EZgonefishin ... And it works ! ;)
    2. EZgonefishin 0
      Dude that's mean lookin
    3. lemesnil 0
      Likewise and merry Christmas to you too. @greatness627
    4. greatness627 0
      Appreciate the "follow" bud. Looking forward to your blerts. Merry Christmas!
    5. lemesnil 0
      Will do right now... @Ben_Sanford
    6. Ben_Sanford 0
      Check my blerts for a limit caught under a full moon last April on Pickwick Lake.
    7. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford you will rock the smallies hard stripers too... Just asked one of the guys we sponsor about Pickwick Dam... Now I gotta check it out!!!
    8. Ben_Sanford 0
      Dam for stripers & smallmouth.
    9. Ben_Sanford 0
      WOW! So much info, I had to read it twice! All top shelf stuff! Gonna have to print this out, laminate it & put it on the boat for reference. I can see me vertical ...more jigging it off the face of Pickwick
    10. lemesnil 0
      $$$$wise elite earnings are strong. ;)
    11. lemesnil 0
      ---------------ELITE--------- :)---/)/) tight lines. @Ben_Sanford
    12. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford this is the basic working on how I work this guy in particular. It does bring home the bacon.
    13. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford ... And don't be afraid to modify a shaky head rig to this bad boy... On light tackle around riprap edges and broken current points!
    14. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford .. An undressed jig head is fine .... And works very well when water is to hot for bass to accept larger baits... Big fish will sometime prefer smaller ...more baits in hotter conditions...
    15. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford as for jig heads and trailer jigging ... Work it as a trailer on a skirt jig the same way you would work the specific skirted jig style.. Football,swim,finesse ...more etc etc.
    16. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford weightless t-rigging is fantastic in the warmer months do to its ability to hard glide = more time in their striking zone...drag ,pop pop stall drag ...more and repeat ..work various speeds.
    17. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford .completely through the hydrilla and onward into your primary strike zone. Never use more weight then what you need when punching and always use heave ...more gauge hooks. And lower gear ratios.
    18. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford when using this punching I work 80lb suffix 832 line on my megabass LIN 10 mars for winch like purposes . Use the smallest weight of tungsten that ...more will still allow you to penetrate ...
    19. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford ...faster drops of it being t-rigged drives them crazy super aggressive ... I also work a stiffer gauged ewg #2 as apposed to the #3 when c-rigged...
    20. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford working humps ledges and deep submerged cover you can't beat a c-rig I use the t rig when I'm working it through the spring spawning shallows. ...more The bites that are triggered through the..
    21. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford Bass hold in a more dissolved oxygen rich band being in weeds or other types of structure... A c-rig allows your bait to work different depths and present ...more your lure slower than t-rigs...
    22. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford In the super hot months and very cold I tend to work it either weightless and in deeper water situations when I'm searching for them I work it c-rigged ...more it truly depends on the oxygen band
    23. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford yes to all this rigging types and even weightless texas style. Depending on the time of day and water conditions and time of year and body of water ...more I'm fishing this lure can be productive
    24. Ben_Sanford 0
      Would you fish these on an undressed jig head, C-rig, T-rig? Gimme some detailed suggestions. Fishing local tourneys, 11.2 sounds like $$$ to me.
    25. Ben_Sanford 0
      Getting a five pack in that same color!
    26. Ben_Sanford 0
      Thanks! Punching Lilly & Hydrilla are how the biggest Largemouth are caught on Kentucky Lake in Aug. & Sept. Punching, plus 10" C-rigged black worms ...more on deep shelves.
    27. lemesnil 0
      @Ben_Sanford ... I hope you dig these guys as much as I do... The largest bass I pulled up with one of these was 11.2 lbs on lake Conroe rigged on a jig. They ...more are great for punching weeds too.
    28. Ben_Sanford 0
      Just ordered mine!
    29. lemesnil 0
    30. lemesnil 0
    31. lemesnil 0
      @blackboi @ronety @whitebass_05 .... These things are straight killas... On their own or on a jig... Slam it like there's no tomorrow! They are all action!
    32. Tyrone Smith 0
      Yeah that will def work.
    33. blackboi 0
      That looks like it will do some some damage
    34. whitebass_81 0
      Looks sweet!
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a megabass v-3 bullet shad spinnerbait

    Med/fast retrieve over weeds and stumps;)

    1. lemesnil 0
      @ChanceHuiet ... Lil further west on the lake in a a family members neighborhood... But I do have pics posted from the state park.
    2. lemesnil 0
      I think it was at least half a dozen or so before she took this one.... She had a lot bigger one than this but didn't have a good enough hook set and got thrown. ...more @Gottem254
    3. Tony Wayne Martin 0
      You love fishin how many cast and retrieve did you before you land it
    4. Tony Wayne Martin 0
      Nice bass
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