1. Details: Walleye with a Red craw rattle trap

    Took the day off n figured I'd go football fishing because of the nice overcast n bam hit this eye!!! Things are kinda backwards this year but hey "I'm ...more not complaining"

    1. Xai Yang 0
      Nice eye! Looks like it's a decent one maybe around 26"? Nice catch!
  2. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Gold husky jerk 14

    Caught this football while fishing for walleye

    1. mike joppeck 0
      Usually out boat
    2. mike joppeck 0
      I'm Lake Erie fisherman but will hit resvoir a for a fix. Caught a lot of nice sallies out NL resvoir got the eyes jig in at the islands last week end nice eye
    3. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe # this was in Lorain offshore Lake Erie... Are they hitting up your way?
    4. mike joppeck 0
      New London
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  3. Details: Walleye with a Gold husky jerk 14

    Very rough out there tonight! Caught this one n straight home! Waves are crashing hard on shore! Feel lucky I got this one

    1. topwater_beast Woop 0
      i hear they hitting now..read your message wrong lol
    2. topwater_beast Woop 0
      this saturday lol
    3. kidtone360 0
      @topwater_beast # yeah they been hitting offshore for about 3 weeks now, when do eyes usually hit over there?
    4. topwater_beast Woop 0
      nice.. man our season hasnt started yet in ready for some walleye fishin
    5. hatemore 0
      Haha dinner!
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  4. Details: Walleye with a Long bill purple perch/gold long bill Trolling the islands 2.5 hours 3 man limit!!!

  5. Details: Walleye with a Husky Jerk 14 wonder bread

    Good day on lake erie

    1. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe # trolling pink wonder bread reef runner and off shore glass clown 14 n bomber purple head wonder bread
    2. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe # both! Went off the rocks in Lorain today but also been out trolling by the islands (mouse)
    3. mike joppeck 0
      U trollin or casting off rock what colors working
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  6. Details: Walleye with a HJ14 GLASS CLOWN/BLUE CHROME

    Me on the left!!! My buddy helping me with my catch

  7. Details: Walleye with a Glass clown HJ14 Blue chrome HJ14 custom

    1. Josh Parker 0
      Right on dude! I'm only an hour away from Lorain (not sure exactly how far from where u fish but it'd be well worth the trip) lmk next time your hittin Lake ...more Erie and I'll meet u out there!!
    2. kidtone360 0
      @fishON423 # how close are you to lorain county? Theirs plenty of room n fish for all of us down here brotha
    3. Josh Parker 0
      We should meet up sometime n maybe you could show me "the spot"
    4. kidtone360 0
      @fishON423 # shore fishing! I would say 10-15'
    5. Josh Parker 0
      Boat or shore fishin?
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  8. Details: Walleye with a Glass clown with orange belly (custom)

    10lbs.1ounce caught around 5:00pm eastern time off shore

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    St.croix Mojo Bass rod... 7' med/hvy fast action... Very happy with this rod

    1. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # that sucks.... I have a 5 yr warrantee on mine for free... I have a 7ft med/hvy fast action bait-casting rod... I like getting in that deep cover! ...more Need the back bone
    2. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Well since it won't come up the other way Richard's sporting goods screwed me
    3. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Medium spinning 6'8 and Dick's claimed they didn't have the warranty I bought in their system when I paid an extra $30 for that
    4. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # holy crap!!!! Did you have a light, medium or heavy action? Must of been a defect... That sucks lol
    5. Jeffrey Morton 0
      6lb smallie did a number on mine
    6. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # mine holds up pretty good!!! Hooked on a steelhead by accident n all was good!!!!
    7. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Broke just below the third guide my second trip out with it
    8. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Hated mine
    9. Young_Buckk 0
      I've got one
    10. kidtone360 0
      @mckinney_angler # $118
    11. kidtone360 0
      @fishaboy_22 # I paid $118.00 from gander mountain... It comes with a card like form to send to st. Croix for a 5 yr warrantee ....
    12. mckinney_angler 0
      How much?
    13. kidtone360 0
      @King_Fisher # their great rods.... Getting another one this week ... Was thinking 7'6" to flip n pitch!!! I use this one for skipping under docks n lay ...more downs, also for crank baits n chatter-baits!!!!
    14. jordan lezcano 0
      Sturdy for cranking but I'm more of a plastic worm guy
    15. jordan lezcano 0
      I had one I got for free but I'm a salty so I sold it to one of my buddies for 100 since it was used a little not really and I got it for free
    16. King_Fisher 0
      I have the mojo bass flipping rod and absolutely love it!
    17. kidtone360 0
      @inlet_fisher99 # $118.... Do some research on this rod it's very strong, durable n smooth
    18. jordan lezcano 0
      How much u pay
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Lews speed spool 6:4:1 !!! Awesome reel.... Can cast to hell n back...

    1. OhioFish 0
      I got 10lb spiderwire on my black max and my okumo stratus spinning reel. And I got power pro braid vermillion red on my abu garcia 5500C.
    2. kidtone360 0
      @OhioFish # same here... Sufix 832 50lb braid !!!! Smooth cast, no discoloration n super strong
    3. OhioFish 0
      I prefer braid on my bait casters
    4. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # what do you use for line, type of reel n rod?
    5. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # it's fun skipping under docks n lay downs... Gives you the advantage over ppl who is afraid to get near any thick cover...
    6. MattLewis 0
      Cool I just learned this year
    7. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # about 2 yrs. ago.... My first bait-caster setup was a GSX pro tournament reel 6:5:1 with a 7'6" flipping rod.... Practiced everyday...
    8. MattLewis 0
      When did u first learn to use a bait caster
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