1. popping cork ,80 pound mono ,2ounce egg weight...let the good times roll

    1. Ana Karina Rivera 0
      niice catch Mr. Rivera 👍
    2. kayakking 0
      19 1/2inches!
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  2. Details: Whiting with a dead shrimp

    caught like 15 of them..on surf..boca chica beach tx..nice evening.

  3. Details: Florida Pompano with a dead shrimp.

    windy day..caught 2 .released em both..early morning.

  4. reds ..n black drums as usual..

    1. johnybass 0
      Damn! low tide?
  5. custom hitch..made by JR enterprises. ready to hit the water and land some big ones!!

    1. kayakking 0
      Wooohooooo @Blackdrum_Queen
    2. Ana Karina Rivera 0
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  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a dead shrimp all day

    lots of movement..reds tailing like crazy... nice breezy day.

    1. kayakking 0
      was in water by 6am...left around noon..
    2. isaac hernandez 0
      What time of day was it
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  7. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a caught on dead shrimp...and fresh cut mullet

    flounder and black drum were also caught..late evening catches..nice calm day!!

    1. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Nice haul! Welcome to Fishing Scout!
    2. kayakking 0
      @texasfisher8 its a malibu x..8 footer
    3. Matt Dobson 0
      FYI @texasfisher8
    4. Matt Dobson 0
      There's a nice haul for dinner!
    5. kayakking 0
      mini malibu x ..8 footer
    6. texasfisher8 0
      What kind of yak is that?
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love kayak fishing..its just amazing being that close to the water.