1. Details: Grass Carp with a Arrow

    2nd fat grassie. I'm done for the day. No more room in my cooler.

    1. noah_preston 0
      I wouldn't eat it if it's a golf course pond lots of chemicals
    2. noah_preston 0
      Looks sick
    3. noah_preston 0
      Dude I've always wanted to bow fish
    4. katy_bowpro 0
      Yeah but not now. I don't know how much the floods polluted.
    5. simmsrenegade61 0
      You eat grass carp??!!
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  2. Details: Grass Carp with a Arrow

    has to weigh 30 lbs. monster fight. be careful on the banks, guys. I saw 3 gators

    1. Laine Dillard 0
      Best eating fish in fresh water firm white mild flesh can't be beat
    2. Laine Dillard 0
      I'd rather eat carp or gar any day over tilapia tilapia tasty like the fish equivalent of the color gray in the other hand properly killed carp layed on a smoker ...more is hard to beat and and gar are the
    3. katy_bowpro 0
      just for fun. Carp and gar get composted. plecostamus get abandoned. tilapia get eaten.
    4. JustinGoodman 0
      Hey when you bow a carp, do you eat them or is it just for fun? I was wondering because I was going to buy one to shot snakeheads and plecos in Florida.
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  3. Details: Smallmouth Buffalo with a Arrow

    in the rain on the new tracker bowfishing boat. Didn't get to weigh him because the weather turned emergency ugly right after. Pic taken from ramp.

  4. Details: White Bass with a Spoon!

    Caught my limit of white bass under the dam.

  5. Details: Blue Tilapia with a Arrow

    Nile Tilapia?

  6. Details: Plecostomus with a Arrow

    Hit it three or four times before the arrow penetrated. Tough hide on these suckers.

  7. Details: Plecostomus with a Arrow

    2nd pleco

    1. katy_bowpro 0
      @Ohiocatfisherman Those are the only plecos I see.
    2. christian christian 0
      @katy_bowpro ever see any besides the common plecos?
    3. katy_bowpro 0
      I compost all of them except for the plecos. I chop those in half and leave them. It's illegal to abandon any edible fish so they go in the farm.
    4. fishineer88 0
      Good question @bomber1 but I've never heard if anyone eating plecos
    5. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Do you eat what you shoot?
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  8. Details: Plecostomus with a Arrow

    She sucked onto the bottom and wouldn't let go. I saw her chasing around a gar.

    1. katy_bowpro 0
      thanks @dhtullos everyone appreciates tips
    2. dhtullos 0
      Braes Bayou just west of Loop 610 has gobs of carp
    3. katy_bowpro 0
      None this year. I saw plenty right after the recent heavy rains but haven't found them again. Another guy said White Oak bayou is full of carp.
    4. Fishing_Wolf 0
      do you see a lot of common carp in the ditches? I'm looking for a spot to catch a few
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  9. Gonna be shooting around Katy all day. Hit me up if you want to join in.

    1. Aggie32 0
      Sorry I missed you, I was working all weekend. My brother is back in town so I've gotta share the car, so I'm not sure how transportation will be.
    2. katy_bowpro 0
      @Aggie32 Out and about this evening. let me know if you go shooting
    3. Aggie32 0
      @katy_bowpro alright sounds good
    4. katy_bowpro 0
      @Aggie32 I'm on a heavy project this week. probably won't be able to shoot until this weekend. I may get Friday off. I'll keep you posted.
    5. Aggie32 0
      Can you do weekdays around 3 or so?
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    1. katy_bowpro 0
      Lots of tilapia too, and an occasional buffalo pack will cruise by. You can see the drainage in the pic, right below the plant, tilapia live there but you have ...more to approach stealthily.
    2. katy_bowpro 0
      WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES!! Seriously, I see a cottonmouth every time at this spot. if you drive down Cinco Park just keep to your right and park by the water plant. ...more I call this place gar city.
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I love to bowfish and Katy is the perfect place to do it! No boat, so all of my shots are from the bank or wading. Message me if you want a ...more spot or need a partner. DON'T LEAVE FISH TO ROT!