1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Got this big fatty tonight on the new Senkos I bought today and I think I fell in love with them. Never had so much luck and it was my first time using Senkos. Caught ...more 7 in total and this was the largest in my latest favortie pond. 3 biggins and 4 little future fatties. First day with my new Eagle Fenwick 6' light action and I love it. this bucket mouth gave me a good 5 minutes fight. Fished from

    1. joshr9060 0
      @jimmyz44 Thanks man she looked healthy for sure. Just a new neighborhood pond iv been going to lately in a complex called birdsong
    2. jimmyz44 0
      Wow nice fish, where at?
    3. joshr9060 0
      Did not get a measurement on this guy but I'm gunna guess around 19" and about 4 lbs
    4. joshr9060 0
      at a subsurface level and this fatty hit the wacky Senko very hard. was using a Texas rig earlier on and i was getting hits almost every other cast. awesome day ...more at the pond with my new equipment
    5. joshr9060 0
      about 7 to 9:30. for the first hour they were hitting the bait at a slow retrieve with the occasional twitch. after about 8:30 they started hitting higher up so ...more I started a slightly faster retrieve
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  2. Details: Brown Trout

    FINALLY! hooked into a brown on the fly! first one and I worked so hard for it. Me and my buddy worked the creek all day and got 3 bites all together. finally about ...more a half hour before we were about to leave I hooked into this little beautiful Brown. so happy to finally get one on the fly! many more to come hopefully

    1. joshr9060 0
      @King_Fisher thanks man
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Nice congrats!
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  3. Details: Steelhead Trout

    Another nice male that my buddy caught the same day out of big sister creek. Love these fish so much fun so pretty

  4. Details: Steelhead Trout

    Another shot of the big male out of the small stream

    1. joshr9060 0
      thanks Yeah it was a pig fun fight in a small hole
    2. WPS_fishing 0
      Monster Trout
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  5. Details: Steelhead Trout

    This was the little pocket I caught that nice male out of and saw a couple others that day awesome spot defiantly will be coming back never though anything would ...more possibly make it up there besides chubs

    1. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius yeah that's about an hour and a half away I'm up in Hamburg NY but we'll have to figure something out I'll shoot you a text so you ...more got my #
    2. darthsteelius 0
      Warren pa.mi figure like at least an hour and a half from you
    3. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius for sure where abouts do you live
    4. darthsteelius 0
      we could probally car pole and save money on gas..
    5. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius cool man I'll let you know where I'm at
    6. darthsteelius 0
      my cars fucked up right now so I would have to put a plan in action..gonna be alot colder and there getting snow but I will keep an eye on the weather and try to ...more get a ride to meet ya someware
    7. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius I'm off Saturdays and Mondays so I'm usually out those 2 daya
    8. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius yeah bro it was one of the coolest spot iv ever fished. but we gotta hit up the oak that's crazy 20 hookups is prime time I'll let you know ...more when I'm going out again most likely sat
    9. darthsteelius 0
      bet a black jig would would tear them up in that waterfall
    10. darthsteelius 0
      that sucks man it looks to be a good winter holding hole...guess the oak the great yesterday..old man I know said he had around 20 hookups
    11. joshr9060 0
      @darthsteelius I wish man this hole was actually on a piece of private property I later found out I'm not aloud to fish lol. it was a honey hole though I got ...more one out of it first cast
    12. darthsteelius 0
      Dude this is the hole you need to fish now...being late in the season I bet it's holding more than a couple
    13. joshr9060 0
      @DMyeWNY oh yeah dude and there's fish all over it i live super close to bunch of nice spots
    14. Donald Myers 0
      That's awesome man! I didn't even know 18 mile was in NY
    15. joshr9060 0
      @DMyeWNY decided to throw a few lines in and I got this beautiful male on my first cast so shocked now I know to never overlook any hole
    16. joshr9060 0
      @DMyeWNY Yeah man I was so surprised me and my buddy looked up the trib and saw a little female jump so we d
    17. Donald Myers 0
      It's amazing what those steelhead will travel past!
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  6. Details: Steelhead Trout

    another shot of the PB steelhead

  7. Same fish caught today at Elton creek just a cool shot

    Brown Trout

    1. Dirk Diggler 0
      Beautiful trout.
  8. Caught another little brown earlier today around 6pm. Only caught one today in about an hour, over in Elton Creek right off of the catturagus. He actually put up ...more a nice fight for his size. Caught and released

    Brown Trout

  9. here's another brown my brother caught. all were released today

    Brown Trout

  10. Details: Brown Trout

    Another brown I caught today at Elton creek. around the same time as the other. Nothing too big today


21 years old. Love fly fishing and spinning in the creeks and small streams of Western New York. I enjoy fly fishing for Steelhead and browns ...more the most. Smallmouth and catfish are also a good time.