1. Chillin on my boat

  2. Fishing when I was little I caught a gar with the fishing pole ok using in this picture a scooby-doo fishing pole!!!

  3. My crazy brother wake boarding

  4. Jet skiing after a long days fishin

    1. josh_mouton 0
    2. greatness627 0
      Looking forward to your "blerts".
    3. greatness627 0
      Hey buddy, sorry to hear that you lost your lure like that, those things aren't cheap. You're on your way to becoming a great angler because you learned ...more from it. Thanks for the "follow".
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  5. Future spin reel any one one have any reviews\comments ?

    1. josh_mouton 0
      Thx ill check it out
    2. eastonsutley 0
      I like the Abu Garcia cardinal.
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  6. Going fishing there this summer any one have any been there ?

    1. David Segura 0
      im from tulare county fish there a lot but never had much luck nothing worth braging bout always catch a buzz though