1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a buzzbaits, squarebills, spooks

    Fished Decker these last couple days with some friends. Been doing pretty good flipping reeds and throwing Squarebills over grass. Also got into some fish in the ...more hot water discharge on topwaters.

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Those are some chunks!
  2. Took 2nd place and big bass today with @C_levi97. Pretty pitiful weigh in for the most part, and the fish we caught were looking a little lean for winter time.

    Largemouth Bass with a football jig, dropshot

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Fished Decker lake today with @joeyfishes. Caught most of our fish on rattletraps with a few hybrids mixed in. Both the intake and discharge sides of the lake were ...more extremely muddy from the heavy rains

    1. jonathangray 0
      Haha, too use to Pfork to name any other lake! @joeyfishes
    2. Joey Russell 0
      Pflugerville lol
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  4. Fished the upper end of ladybird today with @joeyfishes

    Largemouth Bass

    1. jonathangray 0
      Dropshot, 6 even on joeys scale and and 1mile bellow lake austin @jackmawer
    2. brentp18 0
    3. jackmawer 0
      And is this the lake part of the bird
    4. jackmawer 0
      Weight 5-5 1/2?
    5. jackmawer 0
    6. Caden Leavell 0
      Solid fish man!
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  5. Details: Red Snapper

    Spent two days Snapper fishing 36miles offshore in port Aransas with a family friend aboard the 56" Wildcatter. Fished laid down rigs with hits every 30 seconds. ...more Had the boat's federal limit in 30min.

    1. jonathangray 0
      Cool I was going to stay for the billfish tournament today but had to get back to town @fordelliott_22
    2. fordelliott_22 0
      Ok I fished it today and limited out these boats are awesome
    3. jonathangray 0
      I fished on the uno mas yesterday @fordelliott_22
    4. fordelliott_22 0
      I saw u at the dock yesterday I was on the uno mas
    5. cole_papa 0
      Ballsy people taking a 4 and a half foot boat out to the rigs
    6. jonathangray 0
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    1. Caden Leavell 0
      Oh ok cool! I'll for sure check it out!
    2. jonathangray 0
      Just google Faith Angler Network high school bass team and it should come up @C_levi97
    3. Caden Leavell 0
      Oh cool! What's the name of the website?
    4. jonathangray 0
    5. jonathangray 0
      You never have to be apart of a HS bass team to fish any HS open you just have to be a SAF member. A lot of our FAN HS bass team members live in Gtown I would encourage ...more you to check out our website!
    6. Caden Leavell 0
      If you're not part of a HS fishin team, can you still fish in it? When I get to georgetown in a couple months I'm gonna look into a HS team, if I could get ...more on it.
    7. jonathangray 0
      Y'all should come out to the Lake Fork Open HS tourney in July! My best on Fork was a 6 2years ago. We never get to fish it during the pre spawn hawg season. ...more @C_levi97
    8. Caden Leavell 0
      What's the biggest you've caught there?
    9. Caden Leavell 0
      Haha I bet man! He's probably got all kinds of tricks like that! Me and my dad were planning a trip to fork this summer, it's prob not gonna happen tho.
    10. jonathangray 0
      No but we haven't been in almost a year it was amazing to see Kevin weave through timber on plane not having seen the lake in a few years! @C_levi97
    11. Caden Leavell 0
      4-5lbers are still pretty good! Gettin to fish with KVD prob made up for not gettin a giant! Is that the first time you've been to fork?
    12. jonathangray 0
      It was! No giants but a couple 4-5lbers today. @C_levi97
    13. Caden Leavell 0
      Oh ok. I bet that was an awesome fishin trip!
    14. jonathangray 0
      No we fished with him for the Pro-Am tournament the rest of the week we hit the lake in our boat @C_levi97
    15. Caden Leavell 0
      Were you still getting to fish with KVD?
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  6. Keith combs, Jay Yellas, Ish Monroe, and Mike Iaconelli!

    1. Richie Pusateri 0
      Dang man that's sweet
    1. michang5 0
      Did you tell him you broke Lake Pville's record TWICE?
    2. jonathangray 0
      Thanks! @greatness627
    3. greatness627 0
      Guess the guy is human after all. Appreciate your time and glad you got to live out the experience today. 👍✌️
    4. jonathangray 0
      No I should have he said that was his first DD this year. @greatness627
    5. greatness627 0
      Geez! Did you ask him what his personal best bass was?
    6. jonathangray 0
      He had some pretty interesting swimbaits that he caught a 10lber on the day before! @greatness627
    7. greatness627 0
      What a way to spend the day. 👍 Did you get to go thru KVD's secret stash of baits? 😂👍✌️
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  7. Fished the Texas Toyota Bass Classic Pro-Am with Kevin VanDam on lake Fork today. Caught our limit on spinnerbaits and plastics.

    1. jonathangray 0
      Yeah fork and Caddo are one of those must fish lakes. @LTBassmaster
    2. TylersReelFishing 0
      @jonathangray for sure man! I have still not fished Fork yet but it is on my list of lakes to hit SOON.
    3. jonathangray 0
      Haha I'll ask Mr. Friedkin, y'all need to drag y'all's boat up next year fish the lake and watch the pros. It was a sight to see, Keith Kombs had ...more 30 boats following him at 70mph! @LTBassmaster
    4. TylersReelFishing 0
      @jonathangray take me with you next year and I'll tell you who to pick. 👍
    5. jonathangray 0
      Doin it again next year already trying to decide who I want to fish with! @Fish_N_Chicks
    6. MusicCityBass 0
      You will tell this story at millions of boat docks from this point on in your life
    7. Kev1107 0
      Crazy! Congrats!
    8. michang5 0
      Whoa... Two lake records and fishing with KVD (and the rabbit thing I didn't quite understand)... A lifetime of awesomeness in a few months. Congrats! Check ...more it, @kadavidso @Kev1107
    9. jonathangray 0
      Yeah I was in and out of the hog/goat area. Y'all say hey next time! @atxflyfishing
    10. atxflyfishing 0
      I think I saw you at tcys too, I had a hog though
    11. Grady Stracener 0
    12. jonathangray 0
      I fish with the FAN high school bass team we are a regional bass team. @gradystrace_
    13. Grady Stracener 0
      Nice dude...seem like an amazing fisherman! What high school do u fish for?
    14. jonathangray 0
      I saw y'all! Great fishing weather. I was sure I was going to get to see KVD kill with some spinnerbaits! @MulletHead
    15. jonathangray 0
    16. jonathangray 0
      Oh ya I think you had the only pen of new Zealands! I may be showing a pig and turkeys next year. @grady
    17. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Wow, our boats trolled passed right by each other. Remember hopin I would catch a fish KVD missed! I was in the blue boat with Jim Dillard. Great day! @AllWaterLife ...more FYI
    18. Grady Stracener 0
      Dude I was standing right next to you...I had the pretty small new zealnd ones!
    19. jonathangray 0
      Yes i showed a pen of rabbits at TCYS this year @gradystrace_
    20. Grady Stracener 0
      Hey dude did you raise rabbits and show at TCYS?
    21. PKfisherman 0
      That's freaking awesome!
    22. AllWaterLife 0
      @MulletHead should be somewhere around there
    23. TylersReelFishing 0
      And post some more photos of fish
    24. TylersReelFishing 0
      @jonathangray haha no way dude! That's sick!! You learn a lot from him
    25. Caden Leavell 0
      That is freakin awesome!
    26. bassmaster2000 0
      That's amazing
    27. hatemore 0
    28. jonathangray 0
      We were invited by our friend Dan Friedkin owner of gulf coast Toyota. @fishON423
    29. Josh Parker 0
      That's WILD!! How did u get that opportunity?
    30. the_amanator 0
      Wow! Congrats
    31. Joey Russell 0
      Holy crap
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  8. Did some brush clearing work at the ranch today on the upper end of lake travis. The bottom pic is from 4 years ago.


TBA High School Bass Team VP, Austin Flyfishers, and San Gabriel fly fishers @ooJonathanGrayoo