1. Details: White Crappie with a gold spoon

    citation crappie that I let go. what a dumb ass

  2. Details: Channel Catfish

    9 pound channel cat

  3. everyone on this app hate hooksetter1999 and poopyface12345????

  4. heres another one for your bitch ass @Hooksetter1999

    1. jmoyer 0
      ok im waiting
    2. Hooksetter1999 0
      @jmoyer we take threats seriously. I just notified the local police and may have to contact your parents or legal guardian
    3. jmoyer 0
      Haha that's it I'm out. Cuz fucks like you gotta ruin a good idea. kill yourself please
    4. poopypants12345 0
    5. jmoyer 0
      haha yall are some no life pussies. neither of yall got anything to show for yourselves. @Hooksetter1999 your 16 years old so fix off... yall should consider wether ...more or not your worth a life....
    6. Hooksetter1999 0
      Also, you can tell he used photoshop-why would he wear a bucket hat when it's cloudy unless he's schoolboy q
    7. poopypants12345 0
      You can clearly see the wormhole in which he took this
    8. Hooksetter1999 0
      Must release. Small ass fish standard procedures state you can't keep a frail fish
    9. poopypants12345 0
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  5. 9 pound channel cat

    1. Hooksetter1999 0
      @mdriscoll12 true I respect that fam
    2. mdriscoll12 0
      Gains is a lifestyle you gotta live it
    3. Hooksetter1999 0
      @mdriscoll12 gains season is over. Also you dip pouches?
    4. poopypants12345 0
      Bro that is the pushiest dip you can get @mdriscoll12
    5. mdriscoll12 0
      I got plenty gym time thanks for the concern though. Also if you need skoal cherry I get it by the log so I got plenty you fuck
    6. poopypants12345 0
      You're so frail need the number to the gym? @mdriscoll12
    7. poopypants12345 0
      Probably skoal cherry pussy
    8. poopypants12345 0
      You have a tiny lip in too
    9. Hooksetter1999 0
      What is this guy here
    10. mdriscoll12 0
      So many angry people on here. I would like to point out this is real and everyone needs to get along fuck face bitch fake my ass.
    11. nrodgers 0
      get your shit together "admin"
    12. jmoyer 0
      no just trying to see some peoples fish and fucks like you gotta ruin everything. have a nice night
    13. poopypants12345 0
      I'm gunna wreck your mom
    14. nrodgers 0
      who the fuck said im being racist, quit playin victim and take your comments to somethin that seems more worth yours and our time
    15. Hooksetter1999 0
      U mad?
    16. jmoyer 0
      please kick me out if you can. also please point out the racism you ignorant fuck
    17. Hooksetter1999 0
    18. Hooksetter1999 0
      @nrodgers also are you being racist? You will be kicked for that.
    19. poopypants12345 0
      I survived through 3 wars don't mess with me
    20. jmoyer 0
      hooksetter and poopypants (gay ass name by the way fuck stick) neither of yall have pictures of anything yall caught... eat shit
    21. Hooksetter1999 0
    22. poopypants12345 0
      All of you are so butthurt
    23. Hooksetter1999 0
      I'm an admin I can kick all of you.
    24. nrodgers 0
      photoshopped... no really though fuck yall two and get your dumbasshit comments outta here
    25. poopypants12345 0
      I agree with hook setter, this is fake... And gay
    26. jmoyer 0
      haha your a little shit talker arnt ya. definitely not Photoshop but thank you for your concern
    27. Hooksetter1999 0
      Fake, look at the reflection in his glasses....Photoshop
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