1. Details: Brown Trout

    19 inch brown I caught on orange yarn with a float

    1. luke s 0
      @Jbird85 thanks
    2. Bluegilled pike 0
      Great brown one of my favorite fish to catch.👍🐟
    3. Jbird85 0
      Clinton river Stoney creek
    4. Jbird85 0
      No inland just this past spring
    5. Jbird85 0
      No inland just this past spring
    6. luke s 0
      @Jbird85 in a Lake Michigan trib or a inland creek??
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  2. Details: Chinook/King Salmon

    1. Jbird85 0
      It's ashame due to our hike in licensing prices in the state of Michigan , nice knowing our money here is being used elsewhere but not knowing if that is the ...more exact case
    2. luke s 0
      @Jbird85 it's the same way here on the Wisconsin side to. Back in 2011 the dnr started to cut stocking by about 40-50% and we are now seeing the product of the ...more stocking cut
    3. Mike Tee 0
      Oh ok thanks for the info
    4. Jbird85 0
      Not to many that I saw but people where saying that they where running a little late this year
    5. Mike Tee 0
      Nice fish man. Were a lot of people catching right now?
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  3. Details: Yellow Perch

    Slow night out but managed to land this girl 14 1/2 inches, this one fish made my night not to forget!!

  4. Details: Channel Catfish

    1. Matt Griffiths 0
      what did you use?
  5. Details: Channel Catfish

    This was strong fighter , waited a couple hours before she did a hit and run!

  6. Details: Brown Trout

    These are stockers but are a lot of fun to catch and good on the smoker

  7. Details: Northern Pike

    Caught this guy targeting some crappie around a fallen pine tree near some pads, fun catch!

  8. Details: Walleye

    Spring walleye Detroit river

  9. Details: Northern Pike

    Late night catch last year

  10. Details: Yellow Perch

    All between 8 and 12 the bite started at about 1am and went to about 4am


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