1. Hey yall im looking into buying a gopro im not sure witch one i should get can yall give me some good advise on witch ones are the good ones. Thanks

    1. Matthew_L 0
      I recently got the Hero3+ Black, I love it, great pics and video. It also came w/ a remote, a nice feature for the kayak application. I use a clamp/flex mount, it ...more works really well.
  2. Im thinking about getting a gopro camera for christmas. Will you guys please hive me some ideas of witch one i should get. Thanks

    1. jake_mckay25 0
      How much $ if you dont mind me asking
    2. Matthew_L 0
      I recently got the hero3+ black, I love it, it's awesome. It came w/ wifi remote which is great for the kayak, I have a flex clamp mount for easy mounting. Cool ...more videos (hopefully) coming soon!
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  3. I have a 10ft bass tracker skiff id like to sale $850 obo good condition,live wale, swivel seats 2, rod holders and a place for a motor never put anything bigge ...more than a trolling motor on it. Text me at 228-219-1806 for more details. Thanks

  4. Doing pull-ups on the way in today. A Stronger deckhand is a better deckhand.

  5. Bringin ger out for a spin

  6. Throw back Thursday from about 4-6 years back. Caught a bunch of white trout and a couple ground mullet and a few black drum cant see the drum threw them back. It ...more was a good day as far as i can remember

  7. Pretty tuff to do this but some how i wind up doing some pretty stupid things when it comes to fishing

    1. jake_mckay25 0
      No kiddin @robz713
    2. Alayka Hayes 0
      I get like that and can't fix it!😂
    3. robz713 0
      Gotta love when things like that happen while there's fish in front of you
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  8. Throw back thursday of me and @britt_mckay this is about 8 years ago biggest fish britt will ever catch

    1. jake_mckay25 0
      Im the younger one on the left.
  9. @britt_mckay with his 2lbs bass thought the edit was pretty cool made the wayer look awesome!!

  10. Thats my "duck hunting" dog wish he was one she hates water and is LAZY she dont do anything but sleep dumb worthless dog😂

    1. jake_mckay25 0
      Huntin and each
    2. jake_mckay25 0
      My bad i thought i put this on huntib scout. I have them right next to eaxh other
    3. jake_mckay25 0
      Yeah well shes a hunting dog @justingoodman she just don't hunt what se should se gets my doves
    4. jake_mckay25 0
      Haha yeah i call her dumb worthless but i love her
    5. Alayka Hayes 0
      I have a dog that loves water but is scared of gun shots!!😂"dumb worthless dog!!"😂
    6. JustinGoodman 0
      Cmon man "dump worthless dog". Also its called Hunting scout
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45lbs 43in BULL red! Also a deck hand on school skipper charters in Biloxi