1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a brown paddle tail w/ chart tail

    Back when it rained a whole week in my area. Local ponds and lakes were swelling and fish were in predictable hot spots. Fished the calm before rip rap. Awkward ...more picture though.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a white curly tail, 1/8th oz blk jighead

    Swimming white curly tails past pillars under a bridge. Burning the grub parallel to bank was key. Lots of smaller bass have been showing up at these spots recently

  3. Not caught by me but still...haha...

    Atlantic Stingray with a cut bait

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a h&h cocahoe minnow, 3/8 oz saltwater jighead

    Sunny afternoon. Casted into several artificial rip rap points with no luck. Made a confident, across the pond cast w/ fresh 30lb braid next to artificial structure. ...more Count to 10 and this guy was on.

    1. jason felter 0
      Looks like a good setup!
    2. matt percefull 0
      For sure!
    3. iminlikewithyoo 0
      @mattpercefull yep you recognize the water color and the shore huh?
    4. matt percefull 0
      Grand lakes right? @iminlikewithyoo
    5. iminlikewithyoo 0
    6. iminlikewithyoo 0
      Just a house rod from academy. I think it's tournament choice. The reel is the h2o mettle. Whole set up was like $40 on sale.
    7. jason felter 0
      What rod and reel do you have there?
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  5. Details: Black Crappie with a White curly tail

    Been awhile but it is good to finally fish again. Slow rolling 1/8th white curly tails all day.

  6. Took my boy Victor out to the secret galveston "lagoon". This guy was 27 inches glad his first red was a slot since he's always wanted to try one. ...more Knowing how to find fish was more important than bait

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Dead shrimp

    1. ReadyForThatBattle 0
      He got it good eh!
    2. Mario Diaz 0
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a White curly tail

    Fishing a after-rain honey hole. Lots of small-medium bass and the occasional big girl. Took my Bestfriend fishing and we hooked up. Look for current and fish the ...more calm edges. White curly tails slay em

  8. Bottom fishing a honey hole with shrimp. 27 inch slot red

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Dead shrimp

  9. Big bull piggy perch

    Pinfish with a shrimp

    1. htown 0
      Kingfish bait
  10. Found me a carcass washed up on the beach.

    Black Drum with a Eyes

    1. David Acosta 0
      That looks like if a big shark bit it ✋😱