1. Details: Sailfish with a Ballyhoo

    Great first day!! 6 for 11 on the sails and 6 for 7 on Mahi Mahi. Fishing out of Los Sueños with Wing Man. Great boat! Can't wait to see what the next two ...more days have for us!

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      Very cool!
  2. Forgot to post this. Caught it back on August 31. Is this a pale sheepshead or a black drum with stripes? I don't fish saltwater much, so I have no clue.

    Black Drum with a Live shrimp on popping cork

    1. flounder_pounder_12 0
      Black drum
    2. huntin_dude 0
      Ok, thanks for the info! @MusicCityBass
    3. MusicCityBass 0
      The juvinile black drum have stripes though. They look alot like sheepshead though
    4. MusicCityBass 0
      Black drum for sure. Note the lack of teeth and the feelers on the chin. As black drum grow, their stripes fade away. Eventually, they are just totally grey
    5. Ethan Samuels 0
      Black drum
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  3. Has anybody fished South Padre island or anywhere close to it lately? Thanks.

  4. I'm going to SPI next week. What's the fishing like down there right now? Thanks.

  5. Details: Blue Marlin with a Costa Rica

    Has anybody ever fished Costa Rica? I'm going Dec. 26th and just trying to get a feel for what it's gunna be like. Thanks.

    1. gowanjac 0
      I stayed Los suenos and caught sailfish and tunas
    2. huntin_dude 0
      Sweet, I want to catch one of those! @cole_agouridis
    3. cole_agouridis 0
      Derp seas fishing is great there. Caught a 75 lbs Roosterfish there ( blert is on fishingscout with exact locations and info)
    4. huntin_dude 0
      Pacific, out of Los Suenos @the_amanator
    5. the_amanator 0
      Pacific or Atlantic side?
    6. ParkerMansel 0
      Deep sea is pretty good there because it gets so deep so fast, if i had to guess theres little to no flats there
    7. huntin_dude 0
      Doesn't matter what type of fish, anything would helpful.
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  6. Details: Channel Catfish with a live perch

    Did alright on the jugs this weekend. Caught 6 cats total, all close to the same size.

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 4in. clear torpedo with black ribs

    Late afternoon, cloudy skies. Bass were hitting topwater everywhere. The one on the right put up a great fight. First good fishing of the year.

    1. boarwhore 0
    2. huntin_dude 0
    3. huntin_dude 0
      No, Fairfield. You?
    4. boarwhore 0
      Hey are u from franklin tx
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  8. Details: Flathead Catfish with a live perch

    More cats on the lines! We have caught 8 total!

    1. huntin_dude 0
      Thanks! @SwampMafia
    2. Swamp Mafia 0
      Very nice.
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  9. Details: Flathead Catfish with a perch

    Caught this nice yellow cat on a jug line in the llano river.

    1. huntin_dude 0
      Yep! @SwampMafia
    2. Swamp Mafia 0
      Very nice! They really like live bait!
    3. huntin_dude 0
    4. huntin_dude 0
    5. Swamp Mafia 0
      Nice flathead, did you get it on live perch?
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  10. Details: Alligator Gar with a bows

    Had a blast bowfishing for my first time!!

    1. ParkerRhine 0
      No I have never been on that lake @huntin_dude
    2. huntin_dude 0
      @ParkerRhine Y'all got a bunch! Have you ever shot talipia at lake Fairfield?
    3. ParkerRhine 0
      @huntin_dude no I have not been to stillhouse yet, but I really want to. We went to lake somerville last night check my pics. May go to trinity river in madisonville ...more tomorrow.
    4. huntin_dude 0
      @ParkerRhine did y'all go?
    5. huntin_dude 0
      That was the only time I've ever been. There were lots of buffalo and carp. Few gar, but not as many as the carp. It's a good lake and I would think the ...more fish should still be there. @ParkerRhine
    6. ParkerRhine 0
      @huntin_dude hey man bowfished stillhouse lately? Think bout makin a trip tonight, heard good things bout it. 2:30 hour drive for us.
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