1. Ik this account is for fishing but I can't wait to use this

    1. logan browder 0
      Nevermind I just saw it on there.
    2. logan browder 0
      Have you tried Hunting Scout?
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  2. Yuck I hate these sucker fish 😷

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Suckers @whitebass_81
    2. whitebass_81 0
      Are those cats?
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  3. Yes I spelled it wrong but oh we'll

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Ya ik they're all idiots down there @fishmachine
    2. fishmachine 0
      He is stuiped
    3. hunter_girl48 0
      Becuz now every one is on the little landing @fishmachine some guy almost fell in becuz he was standing above the stairs
    4. fishmachine 0
    5. hunter_girl48 0
      Nope they fenced up every thing they're making it more dangerous @fishmachine
    6. fishmachine 0
      Did they open up the gate to the dam the high water gates ?!?
    7. hunter_girl48 0
    8. hunter_girl48 0
      A few but not as many and it's rough both walls are fenced up now
    9. hunter_girl48 0
      Np good luck @fishmachine
    10. fishmachine 0
      Are any people catching them at the dam part
    11. fishmachine 0
      Ok thinks for the feed
    12. hunter_girl48 0
      They like pink or red yarn at the dam and any thing light green at swan and at swan u wanna park then cross the bridge and not be by the the gates walk away from ...more them like not even 20 yard an Ur there
    13. fishmachine 0
      U use spawn sacks or yarn
    14. fishmachine 0
      Idk u said it
    15. hunter_girl48 0
      At swan? @fishmachine
    16. fishmachine 0
    17. hunter_girl48 0
      Opposite side of the dam the boat launch side then there's some spots just past the fallen tree there is a spot the next one is the best @fishmachine and if ...more u go I might see u
    18. fishmachine 0
      Ok how far down river
    19. hunter_girl48 0
      Yea at swan it's loaded too @fishmachine
    20. fishmachine 0
      Where are the sucker holes
    21. fishmachine 0
      I will ask my buddy if he want to go their next weeks
    22. fishmachine 0
    23. hunter_girl48 0
      It's not like it was when I was little😢 anymore there's a lot down in the sucker holes to some big steal heads @fishmachine
    24. fishmachine 0
      Ahhahah yea their is a lot of ass hole Thier !!!!
    25. hunter_girl48 0
      OMG yes @fishmachine so many a-holes some guy told me I was to little to be fishin by them right befor I caught it he got pissed
    26. fishmachine 0
      Was it pack !!??@hunter_girl48
    27. hunter_girl48 0
      Ya the allegan @fishmachine
    28. fishmachine 0
      This by the dam by u
    29. hunter_girl48 0
    30. Josh Parker 0
      Right on, your eatin good now!! What time is dinner?
    31. hunter_girl48 0
      Ya gonna smoke him gotta hen erlier to aha @fishON423
    32. Josh Parker 0
      Nice!! Now that taste better than "sucker fish" ;p
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  4. Sucker fishin with my lil cuzin he wanted to eat one ..yuck

    1. Laine Dillard 0
      We eat them all the time here it probaly the most important food fish behind bream and bass here
    2. hunter_girl48 0
      Trust me u don't wanna eat any thing out the allegen dam 😷 @lainedillard
    3. Laine Dillard 0
      Dude they are amazing scale them befor you filet soak over night in salt water over night gash about every 1/8 inch to the skin bread don't batter get it in ...more the gashes good and fry
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  5. Last year canoeing

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Lol ok @fishON423
    2. Josh Parker 0
      Right on... I was gonna say that looks EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE
    3. hunter_girl48 0
      Not really I was just messing around @fishON423 lol
    4. Josh Parker 0
      Looks a lil "cramped" up there?
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  6. My "sister" and my cuzin when we were trout fishin we were on like a clay hill thing becuz he wanted to try some water out of the fresh spring it was vary ...more cold🙊

  7. Secret "hole 28" only hint it's up north on the side of the road a "record" rainbow river trout

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Umm river
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      is it a river or a lake or a pond?
    3. hunter_girl48 0
    4. hunter_girl48 0
      It's just up north on Baldwin road not really a spot
    5. Chris Skinner 0
      welcome to the family! now i wont ask you where your secret spot is, but if you can tell me what body of water it is or if its a private water body i can put "other ...more freshwater" to complete your blert so everyone can see it!
    6. Josh Parker 0
      Great fish! Welcome 2 the BEST fishing app on the planet ;)
    7. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Awesome catch! Welcome to FS @hunter_girl48
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  8. Couldn't fit the hole pic but good day on the pine last July with my family and best friends family first time trout fishing and found tons of potoskey stones

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Ya and turkey's porcines
    2. Lon85 0
      @hunter_girl48 next time you go, you should take a pic of it, what do you usually see there, deers and bears?
    3. hunter_girl48 0
      Ya haha me and my cuz call them upnorth trees @Lon85 u shood have saw the hills in the river we claimed it was cold!
    4. Lon85 0
      I bet that was a view! Those trees look sick!
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  9. Took my bestie ice fishing for her first time (her with her first ice fishing fish)

    1. hunter_girl48 0
      Make wht?
    2. robz713 0
      They don't make em like y'all anymore
    3. hunter_girl48 0
      All day long lol @brownpounder
    4. brownpounder 0
      Haha yup keep at it wack and stack!!!
    5. hunter_girl48 0
      Haha thx 😊 @brownpounder
    6. brownpounder 0
      Nice work, cool to see beautiful girls out there huntin and fishin!!!
    7. hunter_girl48 0
      Lol ik @fishON423
    8. Josh Parker 0
      u guys are dressed so warm but yet look soooo COLD lol
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