1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live shrimp

    Nice 28 inch redfish caught on a live shrimp with @smb848

  2. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a Money$$$

    New boat! 18 foot Assateague scow! Bring on the fish!

    1. jordan lezcano 0
      Honda I heard is pretty reliable my freinds had one for a few years now on a flats boat
    2. hotchross 0
      I'm looking for a Yamaha and I almost bought a honda @inlet_fisher99
    3. jordan lezcano 0
      That's why makes sense get a Yamaha or mercury
    4. hotchross 0
      At least a 90 I would like a 115 @inlet_fisher99
    5. jordan lezcano 0
      Just the motor what hp
    6. hotchross 0
      I'm getting a nicer one so probably around 7 grand @inlet_fisher99
    7. jordan lezcano 0
      Dang good price how much the motors gonna be
    8. hotchross 0
      $1200 without the motor @inlet_fisher99
    9. jordan lezcano 0
      How much
    10. hotchross 0
      Thanks it's my first real boat besides a john boat! @sugarypinksand
    11. sugarypinksand 0
      Wow that's fantastic
    12. hotchross 0
      Number 16 circle got that sucker right where it counts
    13. smb848 0
      What size hook did you put the money on
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a shrimp

    My PB creek redfish! 31 inches! Caught it solo using a dead shrimp

    1. bassmaster2000 0
      Oh I live in pw @theyakfisher
    2. hotchross 0
      No I live on DI @bassmaster2000
    3. bassmaster2000 0
      Do u live in parkwest @theyakfisher
    4. bassmaster2000 0
      Hey I fish on bresford creek @hotchross
    5. hotchross 0
      Thanks it's not my biggest ever but definitely my biggest in the creek! @theyakfisher
    6. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Congrats on the pb redfish that fish is a beauty
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  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a shrimp

    Another good day at the rockpile!

    1. Gone_fishingg 0
      Is that by kiawah and nice red!
    2. Jacob Breaux 0
      Good looking red
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  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live shrimp

    Great fish on my new Christmas present!!!

    1. hotchross 0
      Nope, bottom rigs @redheadfishin
    2. hotchross 0
      It's a Calcutta and a shimano rod @SoCalfishslayer
    3. Team_RedAssassin 0
      @hotchross nice red's
    4. Andrew Delaney 0
      Popping corks??
    5. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice haul!! Way to brake it in
    6. Grant Macdonald 0
      what set up is that??
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  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live shrimp on the bottom

    Almost a 2 man limit of lower slot reds! Caught them on the last hour of the falling tide, all on live shrimp held down with a one ounce egg sinker and a number ...more 2 circle hook

    1. jackcoleman 0
      The tail looks as blue as the Blair wiggins flats blue rod
    2. hotchross 0
      Ha! That's pretty cool @momsonmeth
    3. momsonmeth 0
      I knew you looked familiar. I was in the kayak. Nice work on those reds man
    4. Lon85 0
      Nice slot red! Never caught one before
    5. hotchross 0
      I love it too @theyakfisher
    6. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Love that blue flats rod best salt water rod i have ever used
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  7. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live mullet

    Action shot! Fishing a redfish caught on the flat off of my dock!!!

    1. hotchross 0
      Haha I'm at it again right now
    2. TonyB 0
      nothing better than the sight of a bent rod
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  8. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    1. hotchross 0
      Thanks @Donp
    2. Donp 0
      Awesome pic
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  9. Details: Black Drum with a live shrimp

    Big Ugly!!!

    1. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Sounds like a blast hope i can make it
    2. hotchross 0
      Yup and the docks around it are loaded with reds you just have to get it really far under the docks @theyakfisher
    3. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Ok thanks
    4. hotchross 0
      On Daniel Island there is a boat ramp called Bellinger island put your boat or kayak in and go up just a little and it's on a corner after a few turns @theyakfisher
    5. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Whats the best way to get there?
    6. hotchross 0
      Very close it's on Daniel island @theyakfisher
    7. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Hey im in charleston and was wondering how far this place is away?
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  10. Details: Black Grouper with a pinfish

    caught a grouper in a creek with a piece of pinfish!

    1. smb848 0
      Wow I caught the exact same fish.....
    2. Capt_Jack 0
      Yup, a baby gag grouper @hotchross
    3. anthony jacobson 0
      That's a baby gag grouper
    4. hotchross 0
      @Capt_Jack what kind of of grouper do you think this is?
    5. jordan lezcano 0
      no its a goliath u can tell by the color and desighn and spines
    6. hotchross 0
      No @inlet_fisher99 it's not its a gag or black
    7. jordan lezcano 0
      That's a baby Goliath grouper
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