1. Details: Channel Catfish

    Doubled up on these 2 channels in about 5-8' of water around 1am. Cut chubs on a Carolina rig.

  2. Details: Flathead Catfish

    Set up a slip sinker above a 2oz weight. Long leader and a live sunfish on an 8/0 hook. Caught this 7lb flathead in about 7-8' of water around 2am. Surface water ...more was 84F

  3. Details: Channel Catfish

    1. LaRoy Nereim 0
      Nice job
  4. Details: Flathead Catfish

    19lbs 8oz. Dragging the jig across the bottom. No snagging, all hook sets in corner of mouth.

    1. tpiercr 0
      did u just reel it in
    2. grindios 0
      @tpiercr check this out: http://youtu.be/pPgh0mL820k
    3. tpiercr 0
      did u just reel it in or did u use a bottom bouncer?
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  5. Details: Flathead Catfish

    19lbs 4oz. Same as the others, dragging the jig across the bottom.

  6. Details: Flathead Catfish

    21lbs 4oz. Fish was caught on a partly cloudy day in about 12-14' of 40F water by dragging a jig across the bottom. Hook set was right in the corner of the mouth. ...more Good fighter.

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!
    2. grindios 0
      @CJS21 it's slowly dropping. You can see the water mark on the wall behind me. Supposed to rain this week so more than likely it'll go back up
    3. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Awesome catch, especially on an artificial
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  7. Details: Flathead Catfish

    60F around 9:30am on a partly cloudy day in about 12' of water. Let the jig drag across the bottom and wait for that light bite. 24lbs 8oz.

  8. Details: Blue Catfish

    Field staff with monster Rod holders...and @matt was nice enough to let me put their logo on the jersey. Look for us at Monsters on the Ohio in Owensboro KY

  9. Details: Channel Catfish

    15.0lb catfish took big fish of 2-day tourney...caught in 6' of 80F water

  10. Details: Channel Catfish

    15lb and 6.4lb channel to take 6th place overall at a 2-day tourney.


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