1. The ole back drop of the sunrise in the Gulf of Mexico with rod and reels posing. Had to stop on the way to the rigs to take a picture. You don't get to see ...more and soak that in while at work. FISH ON!!! @wsslammer

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      Thanks @King_Fisher
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      Awesome pic!
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  2. Details: Cobia (Ling)

    @wsslammer and I out again, and away from. Marine forecast was actually spot on for once. We where able to put two keeper ling on ice, @wsslammer was 50 lbs, a donkey. ...more This one I caught was when we where heading back. We always check a few buoys cause you never know. Had a trout rod rigged up with a beetle-spin I never took off from lake trip last weekend. Threw it at him and he smoked it. UNREAL

  3. Details: Cobia (Ling) with a Live mullet.

    This was our keeper of the day, which made number 8. @wsslammer and I double hooked and this one went in the cooler. Never seen that many ling in such a short period ...more of time. Good times on the water.

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      It's my buddies boat @wsslammer. I believe it's a 18'6" bay stealth. You could've gone out today and yesterday with a 16' with no worries.
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      What size boat do y'all have?
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      @fishingmatt I would say it started about 12 miles give or take. But with how smooth it was it took maybe 15 min to get out there. Both Saturday and today the weather ...more finally cooperated and it was on
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      How far out was the blue water?
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  4. Details: Blacktip Shark with a Cut up bait.

    Her first black tip shark and a dandy one. We like to finish the day by chumming up these guys just to make sure we sleep well at night. Water was calm and crystal ...more blue. Two days in a row we where blessed by the sea gods, and it paid off with a freezer full of meat.

  5. Details: Cobia (Ling) with a Live mullet

    This is my beautiful wife. It was her first time out in the deep blue with me and @wsslammer. She is the ling queen with 5 put in the boat. None of them where keepers, ...more but it doesn't matter. It's the memories made outdoors with friends and loved ones that stay with you. We ended up with 8 in the boat one of them a keeper. Such a bad a$$ day on the water.

  6. Details: Jack Crevalle with a White Banjo jig

    This big bull jack was about 25-30 feet deep while I was jigging and hit hard. These fish have an anger issue when hooked, not good to eat but the fight is one to ...more talk about. The color changes we fished in today was amazing, ranging from teal green to dark deep blue. Got in a huge shark frenzy, but just did a catch and release on those guys. Already had enough to clean when we got home. Gulf is on

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      Nice addition my friend. How can me and Dwayne get one of y'all's hats @MulletHead? Early teal season is right @ the corner.....
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      Yeah, fun time on the sand. It puts a Blert into your Highlight reel on your profile. It's basically a way to highlight your best content if you hve dozens ...more of Blerts.
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      Thanks @MulletHead good times. I see y'all had a blast today as well. Been working way to much, and finally got to get out in the water. What is the higher light ...more reel option? Also love the new hats
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      Drag taker! Cred for keeping line on your spool
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  7. Details: Cobia (Ling) with a Live bait

    @wsslammer and I went out to the deep blue out of sabine pass this morning. This boy was taking our jigs we had rigged and spitting them out. So finally I use another ...more setup with live bait and finally got the hook up. Water was smooth and clear, a offshore anglers dream day. Going back out tom pics to come. FISH ON!!!!!

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  8. Another ugly caught while relaxing with a beer my hand.

    Common Carp with a flour tortilla

  9. Details: Blacktip Shark with a cut mullet

    @wsslammer and I headed out to the rigs again. Water was dark blue in search for ling. We put some cut mullet out with ballon tied on and caught the guy. Great fight ...more and adrenaline rush.

  10. Details: Jack Crevalle with a gulp mantis shrimp

    Another reason why I like saltwater. You never know what you're gonna get. With @wsslammer

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      They're crazy fighters 👍 @gotAbite