1. Caught this 29" snook on a out going tide with a free lined pilchard in the backwater of sarasota bay. First keeper of this years snook season!

    Fat Snook with a White bait

  2. Details: Jolthead Porgy with a White cut bait

    Caught this porgy in 100' of water. Was using light tackle and bottom fishing with a jig head and cut bait. This is one giant porgy!!

  3. Details: Black Grouper with a We used an assortment of bait

    Great day on the water with Captain Ryan Rolland!

  4. Weather conditions were good. The water was slightly choppy and water temp was 85. Bait was in the water for no more two minutes when this 3 1/2 footer ran with ...more it. Penn carnage rod and Spinfisher V 9500 with 100lb braid is the setup I use.

    Blacktip Shark with a Tail end of a ladyfish

    1. gilligan 0
      @amassie I was using three feet of 250lb steel with eight feet of 200lb mono tied to 100lb braid
    2. amassie 0
      You don't use a steel leader?
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  5. Fat Snook with a Pinfish

  6. Bonnethead Shark with a A large chunk of squid

    1. gilligan 0
      @Shannonbailey21 There are only a few things more exciting than hooking up a big shark! Good luck with your sharking adventures!!
    2. ShannonBailey21 0
      Hope I can get to Florida soon just so I can catch a shark! ... And maybe a little gator :)
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  7. No keepers today but caught a bunch around the 20 inches.

    Fat Snook with a White bait

    1. 9G3B 0
      Nice catch bro
  8. We were fishing under docks for snook and hooked up this redfish late in the day.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a A small grunt

    1. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Nice red!