1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    what a good way to start this morning! 13-14in long. guessing it's 2lbs?

    1. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 text me when you head out 512-368-1547
    2. fly_fisherman 0
      4, could've caught 7 but hook didn't set right
    3. nathan456 0
      How many have u caught ?
    4. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 to try to get that one fish I've been trying to catch right now lol
    5. nathan456 0
      Why the net
    6. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 by the way, do you happen to have a net with a long handle? If so I would bring it
    7. fly_fisherman 0
      sweet! Hit me up when you head out today. 512-368-1547
    8. nathan456 0
      In couple hours and maybe tomorrow
    9. fly_fisherman 0
    10. fly_fisherman 0
      that's cool. when you wanna head up there ?
    11. nathan456 0
      I'm 16 so
    12. fly_fisherman 0
      are you available tomorrow? i can join you@nathan456
    13. nathan456 0
      I think I'm going to head up there in a couple hours
    14. fly_fisherman 0
      cool. @nathan456 this one is like almost 2 ft long. took sone pics with my DSLR camera in case i cant catch it
    15. nathan456 0
      I seen some huge koi in there
    16. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 just saw it again, I'm going to try to catch it to snap a pic
    17. fly_fisherman 0
    18. nathan456 0
      Idk where that pond is , doesn't look familiar. I think u saw a huge koi fish that are in there
    19. fly_fisherman 0
      yep@nathan456 and just saw a huge yellow carp!!!
    20. nathan456 0
      Walzem ponds again ?
    21. fly_fisherman 0
      yes sir! @MulletHead
    22. Gabe Mitchell 0
      What an awesome start to the weekend
    23. fly_fisherman 0
      thanks @Antman33
    24. Antman33 0
      Nice one
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  2. I unpack my fly gear like I unpack ammunition. lol.

    1. fly_fisherman 0
      learning to fly fish at the time so it was my ignorance. this is my second time exchanging it and got the 8wt again. this time the tip broke from closing my car ...more window. smh@TennesseeTroutboy
    2. fly_fisherman 0
      been having this setup. works great!!! i recommend it. i have an 8wt. had a 6wt when i bought the first one but then exchanged it for the 8wt when the tip broke ...more while casting against the wind. was
    3. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Almost got that setup, let me know how you like it
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  3. this is my favorite spot. from spring to fall you can tell there's a ton of Lilly pads and I like to frog there. this is where I caught one of my biggest bass ...more and also lost my biggest. now I can't go cuz they've painted purple in areas of the path to it

    1. fly_fisherman 0
      the place is off limits @Fishing_Wolf
    2. Fishing_Wolf 0
      what does purple mean
    3. fly_fisherman 0
    4. fly_fisherman 0
      yeah. just that i found out yesterday that this part is .
    5. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Is it owned by someone?
    6. fly_fisherman 0
      hahahaha! good one. I've seen a lot of people come here.
    7. Inshore King 0
      Cuz they saw u lol
    8. fly_fisherman 0
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  4. My Birthday is Saturday(January 30th), I am turning 29. who's down to go fishing??? I've been wanting to have a fishing buddy since the wife hates fishing. ...more she'll be gone the whole weekend. update: going to Cibolo Creek in the morning. if any one wants to join me, text me at any time or call me. my number is in the comments below. thanks

    1. fishineer88 0
      Not sure how that works
    2. fly_fisherman 0
    3. fly_fisherman 0
      @fishineer88 you got pm?
    4. fishineer88 0
      Send me your cell #
    5. fly_fisherman 0
      oh wait braunig!!! I'm trippin! sorry im tired from work. still here @fishineer88
    6. fly_fisherman 0
      is that morning?@fishineer88 I'm down to fish for any thing. where you wanna meet? i live in seguin. best place so far for me is Cibolo Creek
    7. fishineer88 0
      Stripers might be good out at braunig
    8. fishineer88 0
      Don't have any fly gear. What do you want to fish for
    9. fishineer88 0
      I'm game tomorrow
    10. fly_fisherman 0
      @Cowboy713 its all good bro. I'm down Saturday or Sunday or both days for whoever is available
    11. fly_fisherman 0
      71 views and no one yet? :(
    12. Chris Skinner 0
      I'd be down to go, but I've got work, and have been dealing with a lot this week,
    13. fly_fisherman 0
      lol its all good bro. @King_Fisher
    14. King_Fisher 0
      Man I'd be down if I didn't live in VA!
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  5. cibolo Creek without the edit of my last blert. Best place to fish! @cowboy713

  6. who dares to wade in this creepy place. lol. took this with my DSLR camera. believe it or not, I took it in broad daylight in the morning. it was foggy too and looked ...more awesome. did some editing. its my top favorite spot to go fishing. every time I go here, I catch fish! @cowboy713

  7. this fly is a POS. I used it once, casted less than 10 times and the head broke a bit and the eyes came off. I don't know what broke it because I never hit anything ...more with it. didn't even catch a thing with it

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      Sorry buddy, I been at work all day, I just got off, what did you end up getting?
    2. fly_fisherman 0
      @Cowboy713 by the way I'm heading to cabelas and get more flies. what do you recommend?
    3. fly_fisherman 0
      ah... i kind of thought i hit something. I'm leaving the dam right now and earlier i broke another fly
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      You may have hit a tree or rock without realizing it. I've done that myself. The new Fish Skull Fish Masks are made of a softer plastic, so they flex rather ...more than cracking
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  8. Not sure if this is old news but just found out that there's alligators in the Guadalupe river! Thought I should post it here so y'all can be aware what's ...more around when you fish in the river. here's a link to the news about it. http://www.kens5.com/story/news/2015/08/20/alligator-spring-branch-guadalupe/32035217/ Hope I was helpful....

    1. fly_fisherman 0
      they mentioned somewhere in Spring Branch, but still! also a woman told me they spotted one by the 1117 bridge
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Interesting, I wonder where exactly they saw it, my great aunt and uncle's place backs up to the Guad in bulverde. Will have to keep an eye out from now on
    3. fishineer88 0
      I didn't think they liked cold water
    4. fly_fisherman 0
      you did?
    5. tmoonatx 0
      Oh maybe that's what I saw. .....
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  9. Details: Guadalupe Bass

    got this on my second cast with the fly rod

    1. fly_fisherman 0
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice! 👍🏽
    3. fly_fisherman 0
      cibolo creek, and thanks
    4. herdholland3 0
      Nice catch though
    5. herdholland3 0
      That's a Guadalupe bass
    6. nathan456 0
      Where at
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  10. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    my very first rainbow trout! It was awesome! for as small as it is it gave a good fight, I can't imagine the big ones!!! never knew how slippery these fish are, ...more reason why I was holding it this way