1. selling my penn fierce 4000 with the rod.I bought it a year ago and only used it 3or4 times.I bought the reel for 80$ and the rod for 35$ it's strung with 20 ...more lb mono has a couple scrathes on it but it's very smooth reel.if interested text me at 570 404 6318.BEST OFFER

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      I thing it was a dawa brand @buck7. it's not the best but I dose what I need it to
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      Nice what rod r u using
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      dawa with 215 yards of 65 lb braid @buck7
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      I caught the ray on a 5 or 6 I forget with a
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      I have a tica and a st criox mojo surf both have penn battles one is a 6 and the other is a 8000
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      what kind of poles do u use @buck7
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      the way I had to do the picture and it did not get all of it
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      Yea me to we estimated 150+ because the surf pole is thirteen feet long and me and like 5 other guys could barely could move it.I thought it was a shark because ...more it was head shaking and they never doit
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      That's what I usually use for sharks in ocean city and how big was this Ray ?
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      using a blue fish rig @buck7
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      I had something on my other pole but I lost it I was usi,g
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      no we have not be catching sharks we caught it on 67th and it was Wednesday
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      Hahah thought so u and no sharks was this today or yesterday ?
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      what did u go to sea isle and yes @buck7
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      I thought so I bought those same rigs in sea isle were u shark fishing ?
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      sea isle city NJ
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      Where is this ?
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