1. Details: American Shad

    Plugging for shad. Who do heII ever heard of that?

    1. szymon328 0
    2. szymon328 0
      Bradley beach lol biggest was 32.5" and I got into like 20 fish left and right on a sand bar they were killing the sand eels :) rain stopped me tho and so this ...more week I got the stormr surf top :)
    3. fishintheeast 0
    4. fishintheeast 0
      I am quite jealous. Where were ya fishingg??:)
    5. szymon328 0
      I've been getting soooo many of those lately lol yesterday I finally got into a huge amount of bass instead of hickories :)
    6. Sean Wilms 0
      wait thats a shad? that things huge!
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  2. New Fishing kayak setup on the water a few days ago.

    Smallmouth Bass with a roosertails, clouser minnows, grubs

    1. fishintheeast 0
      @YAKnAGGIE ive seen all of your videos man love em!
    2. fishintheeast 0
      @YAKnAGGIE j
    3. Lloyd Christmas 0
      Dude do you cut and paste that phrase on everyone's page that has a kayak?
    4. Robert Field 0
      Nice bro, always like finding fellow kayak anglers on here. Check out some of my blerts, you'll like em.
    5. Reel_Smooth 0
      Looks good..
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  3. New toy. Sahara 2500 on a st croix triumph 6'6

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Good combo!
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Good reel I have the same one
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  4. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=c4-feed-u&v=-2imlcoP5uI

    Sandbar Shark with a iphone

    1. Scott Myers 0
    2. fishintheeast 0
      @bassman7 yes and whatever we can get fresh. I hate using frozen bait
    3. Scott Myers 0
      What bait do you use? And do you kayak baits out?
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  5. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=c4-feed-u&v=-2imlcoP5ul

    Sandbar Shark with a iphone

  6. Great picture with the new fishing crew.

    Sandbar Shark with a cut bait

  7. Nice one on the international 20

    Sandbar Shark with a cut bait

    1. Richt 0
      Wat did u use to catch it
    2. fishintheeast 0
      If you do that where i fish youll get weeded out very quick
    3. j_reyes 0
    4. j_reyes 0
      nice i usually tal my bait out about 300-500 yards
    5. fishintheeast 0
      @j_reyes less than 100 yards
    6. j_reyes 0
      how far
    7. fishintheeast 0
      @j_reyes yep
    8. j_reyes 0
      did you Yak the bait out
    9. j_reyes 0
    10. j_reyes 0
      thats so true and there about 300 bicis cheaper
    11. fishintheeast 0
      Yea i would just get a 9/0 they have the same capacity as the 50s there just not as prettyyy
    12. j_reyes 0
      nice i have about 1000 yards of 30 lbs mono on a 6/0 Penn senator buy i would really line an avet or international 50
    13. fishintheeast 0
      @j_reyes right around 1000 yards
    14. j_reyes 0
      what is the line capacuty on that
    15. Sean Wilms 0
      thats some awesomeness right there
    16. fishintheeast 0
      @j_reyes straight 80lb JB braid.
    17. j_reyes 0
    18. j_reyes 0
      what pound line do you hace on that international
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  8. More big boys in the DE bay. 7' on the dot

    Sandbar Shark with a cut bait

    1. chefmed 0
      Hell yeah!
  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a topwater frog

    Fatty on the frog

    1. fishintheeast 0
      @fishin_man 7' shimano scimitar w shimano callisto 100
    2. jason felter 0
      Nice fish! What's your setup?!
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  10. Sharks + girls = popular page?:D

    Sandbar Shark with a cut bait

    1. dantullio 0
      What lb test you use and how much of it..? I fish sandy hook a lot in the summer I'm gonna start going for sharks
    2. buck7 0
      Oh right
    3. fishintheeast 0
      @buck7 6' on the dot
    4. buck7 0
      How big was this i forget already @fishintheeast
    5. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Aug 28, 2013!
    6. fishintheeast 0
      @fisheverydayordie 😜 i dunno
    7. fisheverydayordie 0
      Why is it every time im not there u catch alot...
    8. fishintheeast 0
      @FearTheBeard ill make sure i bring it next week😂
    9. FearTheBeard 0
      Bikini you may have made first...
    10. gkendus 0
      Geez. I live in DE. Saw 4 sand sharks all at once in the bay chasin bait fish. Nice shark
    11. rhett 0
      That's a big shark
    12. Gabe Mitchell 0
      That is a proven winning recipe. Great fish.
    13. Joseph Russell 0
    14. R0LANDSr 0
      Enough said !!!!!
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