1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Caught this 17 inch largemouth bass on a night crawler that was on a size 6 baitholder hook

  2. Details: FreshwaterDrum / Gaspergou

    Caught this nice 11 inch freshwater drum with a crawler on a j- hook

    1. how did they get pass the dam?
    2. paulbarrea38 0
      Not a sheephead it's a freshwater drum
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  3. Details: Needle Fish

    Caught this real nice needle fish right off the dock.

    1. fishing_man 0
      Yeah that must suck @InshoreKing
    2. Inshore King 0
      They suck when u catch them in a cast net cuz their teeth get all tangled up in the net
    3. fishing_man 0
      Yeah Ikr! Thx @pocfishin
    4. pocfishin 0
      Lots of teeth on that needle fish. Cool.
    5. huddastud 0
      needle fish bud @fishing_man
    6. dez13 0
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  4. Details: White Grunt

    Caught this blue stripped grunt right under the bridge.

    1. Taylor Glover 0
      wow, looks like a pinfish. purdy
  5. Details: White Grunt

    Caught this nice blue stripped grunt right by the edge of the canal.

  6. Details: White Grunt

    Caught this blue stripped grunt right off the dock.

  7. Details: Lane Snapper

    Caught this lane snapper right off the dock.

    1. fishing_man 0
      Thx @h180
    2. H180 1 0
    3. fishing_man 0
      Oh yeah thx @kingfish1535
    4. kingfish1535 0
      Lane snapper
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  8. Details: Mojarra

    Caught this yellow fin mojarra right by the pier.

    1. fishing_man 0
      Really I'll try it out next time thx for the info though! @JuanCarlos14
    2. JuanCarlos14 0
      They are really good for tarpon
    3. fishing_man 0
      Ikr @Inshoreking
    4. Inshore King 0
      I get those in my castnet and they look really cool
    5. fishing_man 0
      Yup! @Drew72
    6. Drew72 0
      You're welcome @fishing_man One of the many reasons I love saltwater fishing - so many species and surprises!
    7. fishing_man 0
      Thx @cmuney11 and Drew72
    8. fishing_man 0
      Thx @h180
    9. Drew72 0
      That is a yellowfin mojarra
    10. cmuney11 0
      Cool catch dude👍👍
    11. H180 1 0
      I've heard the name before, but I forgot what it is. Nice catch though🎣
    12. fishing_man 0
      No it's not I'm reporting u @herdholland34
    13. herdholland34 0
      Penis fish
    14. fishing_man 0
      Does anyone know what species fish this is?
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  9. Details: Blue Crab

    I casted out and let it sit on the bottom until this Cailco Crab came and took it away. It gave a good fight.

    1. fishing_man 0
      Yeah it is.
    2. pocfishin 0
      Cool looking guy. Calico crab, I think.
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  10. 6-7 inch blue striped grunt caught on cut squid.

    White Grunt


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