1. Chinook Salmon with a custom fly

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      very nice, cool pic.
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  2. Details: Barracuda

    It was 2 foot seas and I was fishing at the bottom

  3. Details: Barracuda

    Put a small yellowtail on and dropped it down to the bottom he hit it after 5 minutes

  4. Details: Tarpon

    Fishing and cot my first tarpon it was about 30 to 35 pounds

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  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    I was fishing with captain mike and I was casting by a old dock and with in seconds he hit it.

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      That's cool nice fish
  6. I was reeling in and my hook hit him

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      That's mine too
  7. Details: Northern Pike

    I was out on big lake AK and I was striping my line in and he followed it and hit it and I got him it was the biggest one of the day about 26 inches

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      You've never even caught a pike in a fly
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      Oh yeah that's mine too!
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  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    I was letting it drag on bottom and he hit it

  9. Details: Dolley Varden Trout

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      That's my fish that's me holding it


I like fishing at my cabin for salmon