1. Details: Guadalupe Bass with a Texas rig green pumpkin power worm

    Taught a work friend how to fish this morning. Ended up with 10 bass nothin over two lbs.

    1. Strike_King 0
    2. fish_inator 0
      Wow straight up Mogan...why don't you have your own fishing tv show? Oh...maybe because you catch fish that I can barely see with a magnifying glass #trolled ...more @fishineer88
    3. Anieto 0
      Was that today
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  2. If anyone's in port Aransas and wants to fish the jetties tomorrow morning I'll be there at sunrise. If anyone has any tips let me know I don't really ...more know what I should target and how.

  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Menhaden cut in half

    Caught this in redfish bay. It was 28 inches

    1. wyattezell 0
      He's in that weird stage of a 8th grader
    2. fishineer88 0
    3. fishineer88 0
      Yeah he likes talking about d!cks and has an unusual interest in this pic with my chest showing. He needs to know that Florida isn't the best place for homosexuals ...more right now
    4. wyattezell 0
      This kid is a dick right? He talks so much crap when he is so insecure about his little self
    5. fishineer88 0
      I'm through @Strike_King it was nice talking with ya
    6. Strike_King 0
      My penis is bigger than any fish you've caught @fishineer88
    7. fishineer88 0
    8. fishineer88 0
      It's ok little man. You get picked on a lot at school and have a little d!ck. It probably wont ever get any better. Good luck with that
    9. Strike_King 0
      You fagggot
    10. Strike_King 0
      To scared to say the real thing @fishineer88
    11. fishineer88 0
      Just having some fun. You talk a lot of $hit for a kid
    12. Strike_King 0
      You have no life. Your 50 years old trying to roast some middle schoolers @fishineer88
    13. fishineer88 0
      Ask your mom. If her throats not too sore @Strike_King
    14. Strike_King 0
      Nah your just a fagg @fishineer88
    15. fishineer88 0
      You keep looking... @Strike_King man you little kids are mean. It's pretty funny though
    16. Strike_King 0
      I would suggest next time you button up your shirt since your stomach is going over your waste band @fishineer88 . No one wants to see that
    17. fishineer88 0
      Couldn't care less what you think. @Strike_King but I guarantee I measured it
    18. masters 0
      @wyattezell What's you biggest snook, trout, black drum,jack,grunt,snapper,shark, barracuda,etc. you haven't even caught any of those fish.And my biggest ...more red could have swallowed your biggest red(5in)
    19. Strike_King 0
      Sorry but definitely not 28 @fishineer88
    20. Strike_King 0
      Boy why the heck are you talking little fagggot? You don't have a bigger bass, redfish, snook, trout, jack, or penis than me. @wyattezell Don't feel insecure ...more about yourself
    21. wyattezell 0
      You need to grow a pair of nuts and catch a real fish @legends @Unknown_Beast
    22. legends 0
      You just need to tell the truth @fishineer88
    23. fishineer88 0
      @legends drop it little boy
    24. legends 0
    25. legends 0
      I still don't think that is 28
    26. fishineer88 0
      @legends think about how long a full grown mans torso is. Prolly about 24 inches then add the rest. Believe me it was 28
    27. legends 0
      You must not be a good engineer. @fishineer88
    28. fishineer88 0
      @legends I'm an engineer believe me I know how to use a tape measured
    29. legends 0
      I don't think that's 28. Mine for my profile pic was 28. @fishineer88
    30. fishineer88 0
      @BCOjr I was using some 20lb braid power pro
    31. BCOjr 0
      How many pound line?@fishineer88
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  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Spoon

    Caught that this summer it was 32 inches. Just wanted to make my first blert. Hopefully I'll be posting some recent stuff soon after hunting seasons over

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      Definitely not 32 @fishineer88
    2. Matthew_L 0
      Nice 'yak
    3. Casting22Major 0
      Nice one love them fighters
    4. fishineer88 0
      It's a wilderness commander 120 @crookcody19
    5. saltybass 0
    6. crookcody19 0
      What type of kayak is that?
    7. Andrew Alonzo 0
      yeah freshwater reds can't breed so there is no slot limit but the limit is still 3 @bomber1
    8. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Nice redfish! Is it true there isn't a slot limit on reds in freshwater? @TheREELdeal
    9. dillon juarez 0
      Welcome to fishing skout I love fishing Cali
    10. Brandon alt 0
      Welcome to the skout! What a monster red. Bet that fought hard
    11. Andrew Alonzo 0
      welcome to fishing scout
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