1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    same. bait different fish different location

    1. fishguy713 0
      message me I'll post my number on my bio
    2. fishguy713 0
      it's in baytown
    3. jose_13tx 0
      Can u tell me where the location where u caught this fish if u don't mind?!
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    fishing yesterday after the rain was over

    1. fishguy713 0
      oh yeah good fighter right there @ddhtwn
  3. Details: Gulf Flounder

    flounder fishing with tandem rig for about an hour and half got a couple bites and got this 15 in good eating better one then none fatty too hopefully it gets ...more better by the next days of the week

    1. fishguy713 0
      yeah I'm gonna give it another try later this week hopefully no more heavy rain
    2. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Nice! The best is yet to come bro!
    3. fishguy713 0
    4. fishguy713 0
      @Easy casting13 here's how my day went good one right there
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  4. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish)

    just wanted to share my board of how I got my last flounder a few days back it was a good experience thinking of getting a kayak next for sure but Ayye got to start ...more somewhere I'm just trying to get more experience in fishing and trying out more stuff

    1. fishguy713 0
      yeah thanks @King_Fisher
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Oh gotcha what ever gets you to the fish man!
    3. fishguy713 0
      @King_Fisher it's a sail board but I use it kinda like a sup
    4. fishguy713 0
      thanks @Reel_Smooth thts what I say as long as it can get me some more fish lol
    5. Bstu 0
    6. King_Fisher 0
      That things pretty sweet I've always wanted to try SUP fishing!
    7. Reel_Smooth 0
      Hey man! Whatever works to get on the fish i say!! 👍🏽👍🏽
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    was casting and letting it sink and retrieve slowly

    1. jboy 0
      Hey bro you mind letting me know where that's at trying to find new spots in Baytown
    2. reefboi16 0
    3. fishguy713 0
      got stuck
    4. fishguy713 0
      nah bro its like a hidden place I alnost
    5. reefboi16 0
      Looks like carys
    6. fishguy713 0
      yeah but its another place new place I tried
    7. reefboi16 0
      Dang the water is low
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a green senko with brown and black sparkles

    kiss the fish so the next one is bigger caught this one then about 3 1/2 pounds one of the spots is producing monsters .... was casting my bait towards a gap ...more of water and let it sink pop it every 3 seconds worked good was feeling alot of bite alot of bait in the water

    1. fishguy713 0
      yeah the spot and where u thinking of going I might go join you
    2. reefboi16 0
      I'll be out today.
    3. reefboi16 0
      Nice fish bro. The spot?
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  7. I have a question my breaks dpnt want to work what do yaw think is going on im trying to figure out whats up help please dont want to put it back together yet cusz ...more I feel I can fix it might just be something placed wrong looks like someone tried messing with it

    1. Will Nemanich 0
      Send it into Abu, they'll fix it
    2. fishguy713 0
      abu garcia 5500made in sweden
    3. Will Nemanich 0
      What brand is the reel?
    4. fishguy713 0
      how muvh are the breaks @reefboi16 and @babzhjxjxj idk anybody tht fixes reels
    5. Will Nemanich 0
      Just send it in for repair, it'll cost you $20 and it'll be done right
    6. reefboi16 0
      What about just replacing the breaks dude?
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  8. ayye famillh friend blessed me with this abu garcia foes anyone have an extra handle with the parts tht hold it ill pay cash and also it would be better if u live ...more in baytown ill pick up thanks Ive always wanted to own one of these lost a good deal on one of these this morning and God blessed me tonight

    1. kyfiaherman44 0
      you can probably get on the Abu Garcia Web site and search for a parts list for it and order the pieces you need
  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a green pumpkin zoom

    this tropical storm didnt stop me from going fishing may not be a good day for saltwater but was still good for freshwater a couple bites then this big girl strikes ...more it

    1. fishguy713 0
      she was fat
    2. fishguy713 0
      @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler sorry man dindt have a scale on me ide say 3 something
    3. fishguy713 0
      nah its closed I get in thrpugh the side tht I told u about got to wlk
    4. reefboi16 0
      It's open?
    5. How much she weigh
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