1. Snook no book Kyle book I am a poet and I don't even SQUARGENOKYLEOOPOPPEGEEY WHYKYKE buckteeth 3 year old @wyatteze

  2. Hmm I do love me some Snooki wooki and a big Quacko Waco and mmm tastes like a redfish redfish Kyle!

    Bonneville Cisco

  3. Nskairvdjsnebfjsjw rvjxjwbrjzksnqbrhjdd eggs say "oh no" quack

    Spoonbill Catfish (Paddlefish)

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      I just want to show the world how overweight you are and How many donuts you can eat and splacooshka in on minutes @jackchavarri
    4. jackchavarria8 0
      No I just want to show people how gay y'all are
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      Awww @jackchavarria8 needs his gay friend hudsonkuczaj to come in and save him. How cute!
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      Narg bath ne no Mack Mack y chicken chop agree no try to jack jack check chalk whack @jackchavarria8
    7. jackchavarria8 0
      Y'all are embarrassing yourselfs
    8. jackchavarria8 0
      Look at this pus @hudsonkuczaj
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      @jackchavarria8 your very funny for your age! What preschool do you go to? Oh and also your a poop nugget butt swagger
    10. jackchavarria8 0
      What a comedian
    11. jackchavarria8 0
      Nice choice of words "poop nugget butt swagger"
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      @wyattezell fart you tard your like a little poop nugget butt swagger that I could fart on bc you are a little egg head
    13. wyattezell 0
      I ok bud @Strike_King
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      I don't know just roast him because it's a stupid post @wyattezell
    15. wyattezell 0
      What's this @Strike_King
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      @wyattezell @jimmysmithy @jackchavarria8
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  4. Bad day of fishing just had to take this selfie

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      @wyattezell @jackchavarria8
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  5. Really foggy and lily out but I managed to hack away at the wood till the tree fell lemme tell you that lemonade tasted good

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      And you are a turd that just oh so quacked in my pants and won't let me egg all over and #whenyourmomwontletyoucuss^
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      you little ******* you look like a lice head that dont know how to wash your hair and your face looks like a donkey's ***
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      @Ncbassinboy you ugly little potato head looking small fish kid looking shampoo head smelling thing boy you ain't nothing
    8. Ncbassinboy 0
      i will
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      @Ncbassinboy fight me
    10. fish_inator 0
      Ok potato boy😂
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      @bassinboy01 @AllWaterLife
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      This is a app were you post fish pictures or fishing stuff not jokes that make no since.
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  6. Fish double branch for big boys like this one^oh and by the way everyone on this app is a jit especially the fralicks and I only get fish because I catch em and ...more I like shaq

    Arctic Charr

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      @wyattezell @jackchavarria8 @charlesaulercharles
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      Hey Justin
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      Hey Justin @fish_inator
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