1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Now that the temperature is cooling, the bass are starting to be more active and are moving up shallower looking for shad on points and steep banks. Early this morning ...more the fog was thick on the water and the bait was nervous so I went with a buzzbait and it payed of with 7 more like this one after the sun came up I switched to a crankbait and they hit that almost as well as the buzzbait.

    1. ReelFishnTx 0
      Thanks partner! 👍
    2. ethan_aaron12 0
      Ya I have seen your posts and it looks like you have been wrecking them lately keep up the good work @ReelFishnTx
    3. ReelFishnTx 0
      That's good to know! I've done pretty well up there lately.
    4. ethan_aaron12 0
      Ok thanks a have a buddy that lives up on the north end and he told me that this has been one of the best years that he had @ReelFishnTx
    5. ReelFishnTx 0
      Mostly on the north end. @ethan_aaron12
    6. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks man. When u go to Conroe do you stay on the north or south end @ReelFishnTx
    7. ReelFishnTx 0
      Good info chief!
    8. ethan_aaron12 0
    9. ethan_aaron12 0
      Remember to bring your shad imitations and work the middle of the water column fast with moving baits. Tight likes everyone
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  2. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    Thanks to Kevin Cochran for putting my pic in the Texas Salt Water Fishing Magazine. My goal for 2k15 is compleat now I just haft To get on the front cover haha

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @benaguide63
    2. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks ya I am still waiting for that 30 incher as well @benaguide63
    3. Adolfo ( Ben ) Cuellar 0
      also thanks for not being greedy and releasing that girl. I saw it on the CCA and to pass up on the scholarship is mighty big of u.
    4. Adolfo ( Ben ) Cuellar 0
      congratulations. my largest trout so far has been 291/2". waiting on that 30+".
    5. Austin Owens 0
      Been with him one time and the only fish we caught were in between 6-9lbs, my biggest was 7.25lbs
    6. ethan_aaron12 0
      True that @troutmaster12
    7. kward9463 0
      That's awesome
    8. Austin Owens 0
      Cochran is the man you call to get on a big trout!
    9. ethan_aaron12 0
      28 1/2 @kward9463
    10. kward9463 0
      How long was that spec
    11. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks guys @Wyatt12 yes he is very knowledgeable about Baffin and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get better at catching trophy trout
    12. reelin_em_n 0
      I told you man! Great catch!
    13. Wyatt12 0
      Cochran is one of the best in Baffin.
    14. King_Fisher 0
      Congrats that's a monster!
    15. Surf_Monkey 0
      Congrats man!
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  3. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Rapala skitter walk ( speckled trout color)

    My birthday is tomorrow and my old man asked me what I wanted for my b day and I told him I wanted to go fishing so we packed up and went to fish Baffin Bay and ...more this morning I smack my new PB trout. This stud muffin crushed the topwater 30 feet in front of me and gave a great fight. I was trying to catch a trout to inter into the..

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
      Ok thanks man I am going to academy right now to go pick it up thanks for letting me know man I appreciate that
    2. reelin_em_n 0
      Yea you're on page 20 of the Texas saltwater fishing magazine in a story by Kevin Cochran. It's the exact same picture and I saw your name and I looked you ...more up on here bc I knew I followed you.
    3. ethan_aaron12 0
      What !!! I have not seen that yet @reelin_em_n
    4. reelin_em_n 0
      I just saw this picture of you in the Texas saltwater fishing magazine!! Awesome trout!!
    5. Mark Ortiz 0
      nice catch
    6. cesarmedina5 0
      hell of a birthday trout!
    7. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @toolman
    8. toolman 0
      Cheers to you!
    9. ethan_aaron12 0
      Haha ok
    10. so for now the surf will be going off so I'm going surfing. plus I need to get in shape for Nicaragua. I go for a month in August every year.
    11. ethan_aaron12 0
      @benaguide63 ^
    12. ethan_aaron12 0
      Ok ya I usually fish east matty and our biggest problem has been just way to much fresh water coming from the creaks and rivers so we have just been struggling to ...more find water that will even hold trout.
    13. wind yes but it being the weekend also. Barometric pressure is low cause of the storm. so I think that has a lot to do with it.
    14. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @benaguide63 and happy b day to you I saw your post from this morning and saw that you struggled to catch them today was it just because of the wind?
    15. first happy birthday. sec my is Monday and I hope to get one of those for my bd. good job.
    16. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @ReelGame
    17. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Very nice Speck good job on releasing that big girl Happy Birthday Buddy
    18. Wyatt12 0
    19. Surf_Monkey 0
      Happy B-Day! Nice speck!
    20. AllWaterLife 0
      Dude what a fish. Props.
    21. ethan_aaron12 0
      @Wyatt12 do you know of the spot that I am talking about
    22. ethan_aaron12 0
    23. Matthew_L 0
      Awesome trout
    24. ethan_aaron12 0
      @Wyatt12 we fished the mouth of a drain about 20 min run from bird island basin the one with all of the rocks on both sides of it. The fish were about 100 yards ...more of the rocks on both sides
    25. ethan_aaron12 0
      The fish weighed a little over 6 3/4 but not quite 7
    26. Wyatt12 0
      Did yall fish the tide gauge bar
    27. Wyatt12 0
      Nice fish what was the weight?
    28. WalkerZander 0
      Nice job. Good that u let it go. Most people wouldn't have
    29. Gunner Newberry 0
    30. ethan_aaron12 0
      28 3/4 but skinny from spawning @WalkerZander
    31. WalkerZander 0
      How big was the trout?
    32. michael michael 0
      Very nice good job!
    33. ethan_aaron12 0
      Star tournament but decided that this fish was not worth killing just for a scholarship. I would much rather her make more baby trouts
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  4. Details: Cobia (Ling) with a Cigar minnow chunk

    Was fishing for snapper when this cobia came up next to the boat. I gave him som of our cut bait so that he would stay around and when he was eating the cut bait ...more I stuck one on a hook an tossed it out in front of him and he ate it 10 ft from the boat. So cool to watch him eat the bait and man do these things fight hard

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
      Haha ok
    2. ashton_c 0
      My friend just Saw this and told me I didn't respond😂 we have a 36 foot contender, named "salinity"
    3. ethan_aaron12 0
      What boat do you have @ashton_c
    4. ashton_c 0
      I fish out of there As well. @ethan_aaron12
    5. ethan_aaron12 0
      Haha ya it is NICE @ashton_c
    6. ashton_c 0
      Surfside marina?
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  5. Details: Red Snapper with a Snapper slapper with a frozen cigar minnow on the jig

    This was from this morning we caught our 6 man limit of snapper in just a few hours. This was the biggest one of the trip that I got a 16 lb red and pulling this ...more bad boy up from 155 ft of water was not easy.

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks guys and gal @King_Fisher @sugarypinksand @Elweydoloco
    2. Elweydoloco 0
      awesome snapper good work!!!
    3. sugarypinksand 0
    4. King_Fisher 0
    5. King_Fisher 0
      Nice fisg!
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  6. Sorry for not posting in a while but I have had a crazy few months but I do have a lot of pics to share and lots of info to give out but I though that this one would ...more be a good one to start it out. I caught 10 of these bulls in the surf in 5 ft of water I was sight casting to them with the swimbait and watching them take the bait 15 feet in frount of me was just amazing

    Red (redfish) Drum with a 8 inch swimbait

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome glad to see you back!
    3. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks man @stagefight
    4. Marcus Lane 0
      Very cool and welcome back!
    5. ethan_aaron12 0
      I hooked 2 tarpon but both of them shook the hook also I hooked into a 75 lb grouper that I could not stop from taking me I to the rocks
    6. ethan_aaron12 0
      The water was so clear and u can see them chase down the bait and eat it so cool
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Rattle trap: blue chrome

    Well the spawn is just about over in Texas but a lot of the big fish are back up in the shallows hunting bluegill and crappie effective baits right now are swimbaits, ...more topwater frog, jigs and topwater slush baits don't be sacred to throw the bait in water less than a foot foyer that is where the biggest bass lurk.

    1. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @ReelFishnTx
    2. ReelFishnTx 0
      Good info bud
    3. ethan_aaron12 0
      @MulletHead will u add Brazos Bend State Park to the list thx
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  8. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a Rapala, mirrOlure, TTF. Topwaters

    Hey skouters May and June are the best months in the year to fish a topwater so get out on the water early, bring your topwaters and go get you some trout reds and ...more perhaps even some flounder

    1. FishHooker 0
      Nice collection. I like your variety. One of my best days with trout in SC was with the same top dog mirror lure u got up top with red gill line. It was a cloudy ...more awesome top poppin day!
    2. ethan_aaron12 0
      Will do thanks @Matthew_L
    3. Matthew_L 0
      Your best bet would be to get at least to the tampa area. I know crystal river/chassahowitzka area has some but this is where the really good fishing for snook is. ...more Let me know, I'll help anyway I can
    4. malone 0
      I was just kidding. Topwater starts to get good here around July.
    5. ethan_aaron12 0
      Get me one I have a boat but would probably bring my yak if you gave any tips they would be appreciated thx
    6. ethan_aaron12 0
      Hey @Matthew_L how far up the west coast of Florida do the snook get. We have them down in south Texas but they are few and far between and I would like to take ...more a trip to Fl this year and see if I can
    7. ethan_aaron12 0
      Thanks @Matthew_L
    8. Matthew_L 0
      Even the missed strikes are spectacular, nice selection.
    9. ethan_aaron12 0
      Ok @malone I was just referring mostly to the gulf coast states. when is the best time for tops up where you live?
    10. Casting22Major 0
    11. ethan_aaron12 0
      Y they are so hard to find other than the trout color it is probably my favorite color @Casting22Major
    12. ethan_aaron12 0
      @Casting22Major haha ya I looked for the green one for a long time and could never find it but then last year I took a trip to Florida and found it in a small tackle ...more shop in Florida. I do not know
    13. malone 0
      Not in CT...
    14. Casting22Major 0
      Nice Set Up You have Budd👍🎣
    15. Casting22Major 0
      Say Budd like to ask where can I find the Green One you have their? I've looked around for it so long
    16. ethan_aaron12 0
      And do not be afraid to throw it all day long, you will not catch as many fish as you would on a soft plastic but the topwater catches quality fish
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Green pumpkin jig with a custom craw trailer

    Setting the hook on a good one today it turned out to be about 4 lbs

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Booyah jig with a craw that I make

    Had a great week in east Texas this week this one went almost five 5 the cool thing was that this private pond that my extended family owns and it was built by my ...more great great grandfather and he never stocked it so all of the bass are pure Texas native bass no Florida strain. I do know that Florida bass grow larger but Texas native bass fight harder