1. would a spinng reel work on a baitcasting rod???

    1. emandem999 0
      my rod doesnt have a trigger. its just a blank handle
    2. King_Fisher 0
      It would but you have a trigger constantly poking you in the hand if just get a spinning rod.
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  2. i need someone who knows how to install a reel seat

  3. Jack Crevalle with a cut bait. shad

    1. Jacob Breaux 0
      Nicely done
    2. ThatOneFisher 0
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  4. Blacktip Shark with a shad

    1. emandem999 0
    2. TYnsr 0
      What pier
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  5. Spanish Mackerel with a used my white zoom fluke...

    1. Txfisherman713 R 0
    2. emandem999 0
      no..everybody kept saying i would..i guess i just got lucky..i tied the fluke directly to the 30 pound mono line cuz thats all i had..something like a texas rig.@txfisherman713
    3. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Nice catch! I didnt break your line??
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  6. Red (redfish) Drum with a mullet

    1. CarpMaster 0
      Nice catch
    2. TJcope 0
      What pier is that
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  7. has anyone fished willow waterhole behind westbury highschool

    1. fishing_for_life_ 0
    2. emandem999 0
      @killerbackstrap ..i did have a rough day..i git stuck by a couple catfish..my finger is still sore
    3. garrett weiss 0
      It's a hard head @fishing_for_life_
    4. killerbackstrap 0
      Nice hard head but watch out they do have poison
    5. DylanCa 0
      Nice hard head cat
    6. _jakel15_ 0
      It's a hardheaded
    7. emandem999 0
      its a catfish.im not sure of the kind..its not a gaftop though. @fishing_for_life_
    8. fishing_for_life_ 0
      Wat kind of fish is that ? @garrettjweiss
    9. garrett weiss 0
      Nice job lil man
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  8. one of many catches at 61st pier...trout..catfish and sharks were biting heavily this morning..i didnt want to leave..good day of fishing at the pier

    Gafftopsail Catfish with a live shrimp under popping cork

    1. txlonestar06 0
  9. 61st pier

    Sand Trout with a squid

    1. emandem999 0
      @iTarponn thanks bro!!
    2. CarpMaster 0
      Just a heads up, sand trout have a yellow mouth and usually have one or two small but sharp teeth at the top of their mouths.
    3. Jean-Pierre Alkarra 0
      thats a whi- oh nvm he got it lol
    4. texasfishingkid kid 0
      lol no problem
    5. emandem999 0
      @fishallday thanks for correcting me..i dont know all the species..my specialty is catching them suckers...lol
    6. texasfishingkid kid 0
      that's a whiting
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