1. Details: Bonnethead Shark with a live bait

    A bonnet head on the flats that we caught on go pro

    1. dylanlowdermilk 0
    2. dylanlowdermilk 0
      Yeah we did but I don't have a YouTube account
    3. King_Fisher 0
      Did you get video? If you did out it on youtube I'd like to see it.
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  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a bonita

    Penn 6/0 with 50lb mono drifting chunks of Bonita 100 yards offshore for some small sharks

    1. dylanlowdermilk 0
      This loser @Tmilk
    2. Tmilk 0
      Damn dude who caught that?
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  3. Details: Tarpon with a finger mullet

    Jumped about 7 juvenile tarpon using finger mullet along mangrove shorelines. Depth 2-3 ft. Slow current

  4. Details: Fat Snook with a menhaden

    Doubled up with my friend today on the flats. Flipping 2-3 inch menhaden under mangroves

  5. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a mullet

    Managed to get a 35 inch trout, a 27 inch snook and this slot red while wading along a mangrove shoreline in 1-3 feet of water.

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    2. dylanlowdermilk 0
      I know it sounds like a "fish story" but we doubled up, this redfish and the trout, and as we were taking a picture @Tmilk dropped the trout in the water ...more and it swam off
    3. Jacob Breaux 0
      Very nice red. And a 35 inch trout?!!! Pics?
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  6. Details: Bull Shark with a stingray

    We dropped a half of a stingray in roughly 10 feet of water about 130 yards out, we used a break away weight system and a 6 foot wire leader connected to a circle ...more hook

    1. j_reyes 0
      what reel where you using
  7. Snapper bite is on in 4-6 feet of water in the holes, we used 1/0 circle hooks on 20 pound braid

  8. Details: Atlantic Sharpnose Shark with a sheepshead

    I heard sheepshead can actually be a very good bait for sharks??

    1. fishforlife123 0
      Yeah it works good
    2. dylanlowdermilk 0
      We ended up trying it out that night and had a huge pull but missed the hook up @fishforlife123
    3. fishforlife123 0
      A 7 ft sand bar shark
    4. fishforlife123 0
      Yeah my friend caught
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      I'd just put one big hook in the center of the back, them clip the tail find so he swims in a distressed pattern.
    6. dylanlowdermilk 0
      The bigger the better, we use a penn senator 6/0 with 50lb mono @LostBoysOutdoors
    7. Chris Emmite 0
      I use them whole or cut them in half. How big of sharks are you goin for?
    8. sharkingtrey25 0
      @LostBoysOutdoors he can prob help you out better I've always used live ones
    9. dylanlowdermilk 0
      If im using them live, Stinger rig? Or circle hook through the mouth? And if they are dead should I use it as cut bait or whole? @MulletHead @sharkingtrey25
    10. sharkingtrey25 0
      Yeah live ones are really good but if you have to use dead, the fresher the better
    11. dylanlowdermilk 0
    12. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Yeah, live ones are like shark crack. I've heard of guys using fresh dead ones too
    13. dylanlowdermilk 0
      @MulletHead @trae
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  9. Details: Other Shark with a bonita

    Sighted a big school of menhaden roughly 150 yards offshore. Sharks were hitting almost immediately after we dropped our baits. This one got alittle to close to ...more my hand

  10. Details: Spinner Shark with a stingray

    @Tmilk managed to get this spinner on a 10 inch stingray that was paddled out about 250 yards. Once it was hooked, it jumped like crazy very similar to a tarpon