1. First bait casting setup, got a fenwick, for 59.99 on sale, 6'6" Medium action, and a cabbala's prodigy bait casting reel, for 69.99 on sale , 7:3:1 ...more gear ratio not bad, spooled up with 14 lb crystal fire line. Any tips would be nice! Thanks!!

    1. David Willson 0
      No problem and tight lines!
    2. dutchman10 0
      @SD_9 thanks for the tips!
    3. dutchman10 0
      @lewsiscool thanks for the tips!!
    4. Sutton Dole 0
      Be patient with it once you master it you won't use anything but it. And x2 what ^^ said
    5. David Willson 0
      If your thinking about getting another rod get one a little taller like 7' or 7'3". It'll help with hook sets and other stuff like that. It looks ...more like a good setup tho congrats
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  2. These are two of the new shadow raps from rapala these are the shallow running go 2-4 feet, the gold is called Olive Green and the natural is Blue Back Herring. ...more These have a lot of hype behind them said to be stellar jerkbaits in cold water, great action. Hopefully, get to use them soon. Give some feed back on what you think, would like to get another opinion

    1. GoRedhawks 0
      Where's the dutchies
    2. dutchman10 0
      @hatemore I wanted to get the deep diving which goes about 4-6 but the didn't have in the colors I wanted
    3. dutchman10 0
      @trideman I went to cabelas to get them and half the rack was gone
    4. topwater_beast Woop 0
      nice i just bought the bone color..
    5. trideman 0
      I wanted to get some but cant find them at my local stores.
    6. hatemore 0
      I've used mine a couple times this year. Great action!
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  3. Details: Northern Pike with a Cabelas

    Just picked up a new jerkbait, at least to me, called Travado never really heard of it wondered if anyone used it, and how it ran NEED INFO!!!!!!! ;-)

    1. dutchman10 0
      @Cale yeah I know what you mean, they hammer it
    2. Cale Ellingson 0
      If it wiggles a northern will grab it
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  4. Details: Rock Bass with a Spinner

    A stud of a rock bass, caught below a dam, throwing across the current, actually fishing for trout in the spring of 2014

  5. Details: Northern Pike with a Rapala jerkbait

    28 inch pike caught in May of last year, 6-7 fow, slight breeze

  6. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Tennessee Shad Rapala Jerkbait size 14

    Fish from my trip to the st.lawerence back in May of this year. Fishing out of eel bay, heavy winds around 14 - 18, caught it in 9-12 ft of water, just a solid ...more 2.5 - 3 lb fish, had some pretty cool spots on him

    1. Paul Lukas 0
      @dutchman10 \m/ !
    2. dutchman10 0
      @BIGsmallie thanks for the cred!!
    3. Josh Parker 0
      No problem brother.... Thanks man! Pike n walleye are my favorite freshwater species 2 hook up with 👍
    4. dutchman10 0
      @fishON423 thanks for the cred, you got some nice pics of pike
    5. dutchman10 0
      @mharr32 sorry I hit the & instead of at
    6. dutchman10 0
      &mharr32 yeah it is a really healthy fishery, I live in south east pa, and a 16 inch bass where I live is like 1.5 lbs, up there a 16 inch smallie could push ...more like 3 lbs which is crazy
    7. dutchman10 0
    8. mharr32 0
      Great looking smallie
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  7. Details: Northern Pike with a Mepps #4 red/whte


  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait blue and black, with havoc pit boss green with black fleck

    Throwing it along the shore and this 13 inch chunk hammered it, it was in the afternoon, not a lot of wind, and in clear water

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Black hula popper 2"

    My brothers bass he caught tonight as well, just a great sunset

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Older style hula popper

    Caught this fish along the shore after we had some rain today, right around sunset, a great time to be fishing


Went fishing when I was little, didn't have time for it, now since I was 14 I have become an avid fisherman and hunter, and am now loving the ...more outdoors