1. Details: Red Snapper with a Squid

    Another big snap from yesterday. This was my brother's personal best, 16 pounds

    1. FishHooker 0
      Nice job
  2. Details: Red Snapper with a Squid

    Beautiful day...... 1 foot seas with little wind. Caught many more like this, the biggest being 16 pounds. Great fight on the ftu rod and Calcutta 250.

    1. drew_hoogendam 0
      Thanks @SirCatchALot
    2. SirCatchALot 0
      That's nice dude
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  3. Details: Other Freshwater

    Thinking of picking up the St. Croix 32 inch heavy ice rod. Do any of you fellow scouters have this rod or know that the heavy action will be suitable for reds, ...more specks, and sheepshead?

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Your using an ice rod for saltwater fishing?
    2. dillon juarez 0
      Depending on what action it has like (medium heavy) it would work you probably couldn't cast too far and the leverage wouldn't be too good for longer hook ...more sets
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  4. Just got a brand new Shimano Citica 200g7!! Been waiting for a long time for this reel!! By the way, any of you fellow skouters know of a good rod to put it on? ...more Thx

    1. Jacob DeRamus 0
      And eventually it just became a piece of trash after I attempted to fix the gear grinding
    2. Jacob DeRamus 0
      I'm just warning you make sure you take care of that reel really well. After having it for a year with lots of redfish pulling drag out of it the gears started ...more to grind and I maintained it pretty well
    3. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      h2o express ethos inshore slam rod it's 59.99 and works amazing
    4. Texas_Slam 0
      Castawayrods if you get a really light action rod you can cast a weightless senko a mile
    5. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      good choice i use the same but 12#
    6. drew_hoogendam 0
      ten pound sufix @ReelGame
    7. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      it will match perfect with those grips what size line and brand do you have on it
    8. drew_hoogendam 0
      thanks @ReelGame
    9. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      it's the GSWR66ML is the model mumber of it excellent rod for the price caught reds trouts flounders stingrays and bass with that bad boy
    10. thefishwhisperer 0
      I have mine with a 7' castaway
    11. drew_hoogendam 0
      is it the pro sport? @ReelGame
    12. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Castaway has a nice rod at Academy 6'6" ML not too expensive perfect for soft plastics thats what i have on my Chronarch 200E7
    13. drew_hoogendam 0
      mainly specks and reds.....some lures @ReelGame
    14. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      what kind of fishing will you be doing
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  5. Details: Jack Crevalle with a Whole Sardine

    Big 'ol jack caught trolling off an oil rig. Had a good 15 minutes of fight in him. Was about 35 lbs.

    1. drew_hoogendam 0
      Ya thanks I'm really bad with wieights forgot to check the boga @wolfs2477
    2. Kevin Devine 0
      Mabey 15 no Way it's 35 I caught one way bigger and it was only 21
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  6. Details: King Mackerel with a Ramada Shallow Diver

    Beautiful king from under a weedine, had a good fight. (sorry for the picture)

    1. ElliotNoon 0
      @masters the funny thing is you haven't hit puberty and you say you don't argue with 2 year olds
    2. masters 0
      Hey @drew_hoogendam I am legends only on a different profile, you scrony boy.
    3. Strike_King 0
    4. Strike_King 0
      Ha @drew_hoogendam needs a life jacket because the fish might pull him in
    5. fish_slay 0
      Oh dang legends get him
    6. legends 0
      Dude why are you scrony, kid. @drew_hoogendam
    7. drew_hoogendam 0
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    12. drew_hoogendam 0
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      I think your username really describes you well "legends" @legends
    25. legends 0
      Well your jokes are terrible so your probably falling asleep
    26. drew_hoogendam 0
      I can go all day kid @legends
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      Sorry but I'm not going to argue with two year-olds any more @drew_hoogendam scrony boy
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      Scrony kid @legends
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      That's pretty obvious scrony kid
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      What, you can't process in your brain what I said? @drew_hoogendam
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      Dude your hilarious @legends
    34. legends 0
      I don't need a life jacket because I can actually swim.(unlike you) @drew_hoogendam
    35. drew_hoogendam 0
      Yeah it took me a minute @legends
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      Wow. Did you look that one up?
    37. drew_hoogendam 0
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    38. legends 0
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      You keep trying and trying @legends
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      Funny man @legends
    41. legends 0
      Yeah it is. It's definition is you.@drew_hoogendam
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      Scrony isn't even a word @legends
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      I think your still scrony. And why are you wearing a life jacket on a boat?
    45. drew_hoogendam 0
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      Why would I be mad of that tiny fish
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      Ok buddy thanks @legends
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      I'm just telling the truth
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      Why are you trying to start a fight @legends
    57. legends 0
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      Ok bud your just Jewish @legends
    59. legends 0
    60. David Cook 0
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Rooster Tail

    Some small bass today. Caught only three but still fun to catch. Good day.

  8. Details: Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a Speck rigs and sardines

    Caught under a weedline. Seas 2-3 feet with sunny weather. Great Day

    1. fish_slay 0
      Dang u just got roasted
    2. legends 0
      Quiet down
    3. legends 0
      Then we're all the fish you caught this year @drew_hoogendam
    4. drew_hoogendam 0
      Ok @legends but the fact that you commented on a post that was one year ago is pretty funny
    5. legends 0
      Not keepers
    6. bigfish101 0
      They have to be 20
    7. drew_hoogendam 0
      No they are chicken dolphin and the length is 17
    8. bigfish101 0
      Sorry to say but those don't look like keepers
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  9. Other Shark with a Pinfish

    1. Swamp Mafia 0
      Welcome to FishingScout !
    2. OBX_Fishing 0
      Nice shark. Welcome to FishingScout.
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