1. 3 lb. 8 oz. Striped Bass with a Custom Painted Wiggle Wart

    1. Drew Gierach
  2. Fishing a golf course pond

    3 lb. 3 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a worm t-rig

    1. Nice fish
    2. Kyle Brauer
      Just bought me a #8 blackout rod. Not bad for the price. Have yet to set the hook on anything over 5 pounds so only time will tell.
    3. Drew Gierach
      Solid! This is exactly why I carry a collapsible rod in my golf bag.
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  4. Caught this guy right off of the bank, I actually thought it was a snag at first. It was late in the evening and my phone had just died. Luckily there was a good ...more semariton, pruning his bushes near by. He was even nice enough to take a pic and text it to my phone for me.

    2 lb. 5 oz. 15 in. Largemouth Bass with a Berkley Powerbait Swimbait 3"

    1. Dan Woodcock
      lol thanks guys.
    2. Good day right
    3. Drew Gierach
      Glad it all worked out and nice fish!
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  5. Bed fishing with the boys

    2 lb. Largemouth Bass with a strike king jig

    1. Drew Gierach
      Looks like everyone is having a good time!
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  6. Largemouth Bass with a Zoom Tube

    1. I'd forget hahaha
    2. Derek Stitt
      Go pro buddy! All you have to do is remember to turn it on lol
    3. awesome...where do i get a camera man???
    4. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Shawn!
    5. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Kurt
    6. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch and pic Derek!
    7. Alvin Randolph
      Thanks Derek....keep'em coming.
    8. Kurt Weingart
      Cool picture
    9. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Noah
    10. Nice view
    11. Derek Stitt
      Thanks Drew!
    12. Derek Stitt
      Alvin, I use gopro hero , silver 4 and go pro session. phantom drone.
    13. Alvin Randolph
      Another awesome catch and picture....what camera are you using Derek?
    14. Drew Gierach
      Sweet photo!
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  7. Looking at fish finders for a kayak. Should I get one with just down imaging or down imaging and gps?

    1. Roy Carender
      Get the most u can afford u won't regret it
    2. Jared Berkovsky
      Thanks guys. I was looking into Garmin and Humminbird units.
    3. Jacob Anderson
      GPS is definitely a plus, you can mark your waypoints and hot spots and come back to them later. I recently won an older Lowrance sonar unit and all it has is the ...more traditional sonar screen, no GPS. For now, I'll be using Fishidy to mark spots that I find, but it would be really nice to have a GPS/sonar unit for convenience and the fact that I can only use Fishidy where I get data with my phone. If you plan on using the unit a lot you probably won't regret spending a bit more for a unit with GPS.
    4. Morris Campbell
      Gps is for navigation. Saving fishing spots or other points of interest. These are referred to as waypoints. Down scan is a sonar usually in 455 or 800 MHZ. Newer ...more units usually use an all in one transducer. Garmin, Lowrance and Simrad are all good brands.
    5. Jared Berkovsky
      Thanks Keith. What is the difference between side imaging and gps?
    6. Keith Thompson
      Down imaging, side imaging and GPS if you can swing it
    7. Drew Gierach
      Great question and I'm looking forward to hear what others have to say. Personally I use a combo of the Fishidy app and iBobber device. I use the Fishidy website ...more and app to pre-plan and mark a few spots to try, and then use the gps in the app as navigation. It's not perfect, but it works. I then use my iBobber device to get a more accurate (updated) look of what's going on once I get to the spot.
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  8. Largemouth Bass

    1. Drew Gierach
      Solid fish!
    2. Dylan Adams
      Hey man, I got a tournament on Grand Lake coming up in a few weeks. I've never been there before and only gonna have one day to practice. Any tips on what areas ...more of the lake to start at, water depth there are in, etc? Thank you!
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  9. 10 incher on the jerkbait then she ate em both!

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Scott Sorrell
      Good job Dean!
    2. Drew Gierach
      Sweet! Awesome catch and photo.
    3. George Lay
      Had a monster chase a crappie I had hooked the other day. Definitely an exciting feeling, nice catch!
    4. Shea Cook
      Nice! It's gotta be the beard.
    5. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch! Excited look!
    6. Cool story
    7. Melissa Norris
      nice catch 😀
    8. Jon Giacalone
    9. Robert Coleman
      Sweet! Nice hawg Dean!
    10. KENNY LaRue
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  10. My first boat I love it!! So happy I got it gonna catch that Muskie forsure this summer


    1. Andrew N
      we do gelcoat, awlgrip, rigging ... all kinds of custom restoration. 1 day with a sander , next day lay the paint and it couldlook like a million dollas
    2. Kenneth Olivo
      Thank you guys!
    3. Morris Campbell
      The Lunker Express!!! Looks like a fish catching machine Kenneth! Congrats.
    4. carl schulze
    5. Shawn Gearinger
      The fish better look out!
    6. Congrats Kenneth getting a boat is a big deal
    7. Kenneth Olivo
      Thank you jimbo I'm deff gonna snag em now!..and I'm super excited drew!
    8. Jimbo Harwood
      Heck yeah, guna get em now.. lol. congrats on your first boat..
    9. Drew Gierach
      That's exciting!
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  11. We're planning on releasing a new version of the Fishidy app at the end of the month. Notice anything?

    1. It allows you to see people who are new.
    2. Allen Shenk
      Why am I suddenly getting activity streams from every place not just the ones I follow??
    3. Morris Campbell
      Weather background??
    4. Morris Campbell
      You have ATT full bars LTE
    5. casey lambert
    6. kenny thompson
      Full charge on your phone?
    7. Paul S.
      Wind Direction Indicator?
    8. Manuel Mejia
      a back button?
    9. Robert Coleman
      It says "unfollow" instead of "following" ????? Otherwise, I got nothing!
    10. What is it
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