1. Surf was flat so I decided to take the yak out to surfside. This started off fairly slow but then I caught a ladyfish followed by a blue fish that I was going to ...more use as live bait but it came off right at my yak. Caught them both trolling a chrome rattle trap. Caught this smack but made the cardinal mistake of leaving fish to catch fish. Figured I would catch more/bigger fish further offshore

    Spanish Mackerel

  2. Not sure if everyone knows but Academy has these on sale for 4.99. Reg price was 9.99

  3. Details: Black Drum with a Live shrimp

    Carolina rig on the bottoms around some rocks. 5-6 ft of water.

  4. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Live shrimp

    Carolina rigged a live shrimp on the bottom and reeled in slowly.

  5. Details: Black Drum with a Crab

    Action shot of me catching drum two.

  6. Details: Black Drum with a Crab

    Drum number two. This one was probably close to 40 pounds. Don't know for sure cause didn't have my scale.

  7. Details: Black Drum with a Crab

    First one of the day in Sargent ICW. Not a bad start.

    1. deunitus1579 0
      I'm not sure I just moved to the houston area so I'm still learning my way around. It was right off the main road though.
    2. Chuck 0
      Looks like pier 57 @deunitus1579
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  8. Details: White Bass with a minnows

    Caught over 80 white bass in just over two hours while I was in Michigan last weekend