1. Caught this one near tiki lagun resort. It didn't take long to land her. I used a Delta Wood Bomber as u can see in the pic. She weighed in at 13lbs an measured ...more at 33 1/2inches.

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Delta Wood Bomber (topwater)

    1. delta_fishin 0
      Will do. Thanks @bayareabassin
    2. bayareabassin 0
      Nice beast!!!!!!! Keep slaying them linesiders!! Good job.
    3. delta_fishin 0
      I did say "near" tiki. Lol an thanks @Basselstiltskin
    4. delta_fishin 0
      I did say "near" tiki. Lol
    5. Nice fish!
    6. U blocked out the background but left the map location on?
    7. delta_fishin 0
      Oh we got some hawgs out here bro. I wish I had a go pro cam to record the action out here.
    8. delta_fishin 0
      Oh we got some hawgs in our delta.
    9. Dylan Garrabrant 0
      Didn't know they had stripers in California
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  2. Launched at 6:15am an fished the north delta only using a topwater spook the whole time. A few blow ups but nothin stuck until around 10am. Was off the water by ...more 11:45am. Weather was great. Very little wind, water clarity was good,current was strong, and the water wAs filled with a lot of hyacinth.lol. No measurement but she weighed in at 16.12lbs and released to catch another day.

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Topwater spook with feathers

    1. delta_fishin 0
      Yea, that's what I was told too. Thanks. And good luck out there.
    2. bayareabassin 0
      Nice fish man. I heard big break is off the hook for stripers right now. Still chasing the bucket mouths for another month then gonna focus on the linesiders. Good ...more job!!!
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  3. Went to launch Saturday at whiskey slough. The dock was packed with hyacinth. Had to launch at Turner Cut. Just givin you a heads up. GL.

  4. caught a few before the weather changed all of a sudden.

    Largemouth Bass with a Silver XRAP XR10

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      And whose doing the tourney? Or you in a club?
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      Oh you got that nice bass boat i see. Lol. You on the fishsniffer too?
    3. bayareabassin 0
      Ladds marina in Stockton.
    4. bayareabassin 0
      Have a tourney out of ladds this Saturday. Can't wait!!!!
    5. bayareabassin 0
      Lately I've only been fishing the delta. I live in the southbay and my home lakes (Anderson,Calero,coyote) are really low and sometimes closed. Plus you can't ...more launch until 8am. Weaksauce.
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      @bayareabassin - you out on the delta a lot?
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      Just started gettin back on the water again. An this fish just started it off right. Lol
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      Thanks bro. 👍
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      Tha an
    10. bayareabassin 0
      Nice fish. Welcome aboard.
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I fish as much as possible wether its on my boat, on the bank, or my float tube. Still doesn't mean i get out a whole lot! Lol. Fish on!