1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Fishing Cayuga 7 foot of water. hitten the weed lines. throwing a t rigged 4 inch water melon senko. bait hits the water and the line just starts running. fished ...more weighed in at 5.24 caught and safely released for the next lucky person to catch. the 5lber drought is over! first fish over 5 in at least a couple years! needless to say I am a happy camper.

  2. Details: Yellow Perch

    monster perch caught using a worm fishing long pond. caught around 15 fish all perch were nice this being the biggest.

    1. Fishzone 0
      Wow monster
    2. Charlie George 0
      Hell yeah
    3. Nice
    4. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!
    5. Collin Collin 0
      And caught right in the middle of a cig, always a plus haha @cuonger
    6. ChrisA 0
      That's a hog
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a red eye shad

    beautiful day. caught this 1 in 6 foot of water. as soon as my red eye shad hit the water the fsh smashed it. didn't even have a chance to reel... weighed in ...more at 3.9 lbs. caught 20+ bass between my buddies and I . a bunch of 2 lbers.

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a lizard

    Bass spawning every where. throwing lizards on there beds getting them aggravated . this was da biggest one i caught and safely released . Seen at least 25 bass ...more on there beds.

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a watermelon senko

    another good day at sodus. this one weighed in at 3.4 on a t rigged senko with 1\8 ounce weight.

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a crank

    pre spawn bite was decent. caught 20 + bass between my buddies and I and 3 pike . this was one of the bigger ones weighed in at 2.8lbs

  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a good Ol Mr twister

    caught 4 smallies in about an hour and a half. I. can't complain it was a good day. this was at black creek.

  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a good Ol white Mr twister

    caught 4 smallies in about an hour and a half at black creek. it was a decent day I can not complain.

  9. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a floating egg sacks

    the river is crazy right now a gazillion fishes every where. I was floating egg sacks but I honestly snagged the majority of them. had about 10 on landed 4. come ...more to the river for some of the best salmon fishing in the United states .

    1. darmaly 0
      Floating dime size trout egg sac about 1 1/2 foot under float
    2. cuonger 0
      nice @darmaly what were you using floating jigs?
    3. darmaly 0
      Slammed steelheads there this morning high muddy water but they in?
    4. cuonger 0
      that is fine @wyldechylde77 don't miss the run buddy is it ridiculous down there. and yeah lmk if you decide to go.
    5. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Yeah I was tryin to plan a weekday time, just gotta find out who's available and who isn't, you know? If all works out, I'll contact you for directions, ...more and by all means you're welcome to fish with us
    6. cuonger 0
      but u can Go past Seth green it is easy to get too and if you want to go to the rose garden I can give you directions there
    7. cuonger 0
      @wyldechylde77 I suggest u come on a week day in the morning the weekends are crazy. Seth green is always jam packed .
    8. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Oh, also when you want to reply directly to someone and to ensure they get notification, add "@" in front of their name in your reply. Example: @wyldechylde77 ...more 😉
    9. Chuck LaBruna 0
      I'm in Buffalo, kinda familiar with Rochester. If not, I'm good with a GPS lol
    10. TJcope 0
    11. cuonger 0
      Idk how familiar are you with rochester?
    12. cuonger 0
      Seth green for the easy walk. but there's a billion people on that side . rose garden for the harder walk through a few obstacles. still a lot of people but ...more u will enjoy the rose garden side more.
    13. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Nice!! Roughly whereabouts you catchin em? Was actually planning on goin to the Genny sometime next week
    14. TJcope 0
      How heavy is it
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  10. Details: Brown Trout with a spoon

    caught this nice brown. the only one i landed I lost 3 others . Was to lazy to bring the net =/. still fun shooting the spoon off the pier.